Eyeing The Exit? Could This Be The End of Britney Spears’ Time In The Music Biz?

Britney Jean Spears, better known simply as Britney Spears or the ‘Princess of Pop,’ has been at the receiving end of much media scrutiny and controversy seemingly ever since her professional career as a music entertainer began in 1998. She was part of a pop music group called ‘Innosense’ for barely one year in 1997 before signing to Jive Records in 1998, where she recorded her debut album, Hit Me Baby One More Time. The lead single off the album, Hit Me Baby One More Time, was a pop sensation, debuting at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 in 1999. She even opened a concert for the boys pop music group, ‘N Sync, in the same year. However, despite her success, she still experienced major ups and downs in her life. But according to TMZ, could this be the end of Britney Spears’ time in the music industry?

A Tumultuous Career

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Britney has won over the affections of her fans, who often rally behind her whenever she finds herself connected to any bad publicity. But to be honest, Britney has found herself in more than a few uncompromising situations that caused a stir in the entertainment world. One of the spiciest events was during the 2003 MTV Video Awards, where Britney planted a kiss on Madonna for her performance of Like A Virgin. As a matter of fact, Britney has a history of erratic and flamboyant performances that have made her a favorite among fans and a hot topic in the tabloids.

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The Fight for Freedom

After a ferocious battle against her paternal father, James Parnell Spears, for his conservatorship over Britney that was granted by the court in 2007 when the pop icon began displaying volatile behavior following the loss of the custody of her two children to her former husband, Kevin Federline. Possibly one of the most headlined and re-visited moments in celebrity history was when Britney shaved off her hair and hit a photographer’s car with her umbrella, which portrayed her as mentally unstable. A year later, in 2008, she was admitted to a hospital for temporary psychiatric assessment. It was around this time that conservatorship was granted to Britney’s father, giving him a great deal of control over her business and personal affairs.

However, what was meant to be temporary has been stretched over a 10-year period, and now Britney is demanding to be released from the conservatorship under her father because she “deserves to have a life.” At a court hearing in June 2021, she made it clear that she wants the conservatorship to end immediately, stating that she has to “get rid of her Dad and charge him the conservatorship abuse.” She also confessed that she was forced to ingest contraceptives to keep her from getting pregnant and that she wanted to have a baby with her new fiance, Sam Ashgari. So in September 2021, Mr. Spears, who was at first reluctant to relinquish conservatorship of his daughter, finally allowed the termination of the agreement, essentially putting Britney back at the steering wheel of her life once more.

Taking A Break Or Calling It Quits?

Following the emotional court hearing in September, a TMZ Exclusive on October 2nd hinted that since the release of Britney from her father’s care, she isn’t in a rush to hit the main stage any time soon. The ‘pop princess’ who entered the music industry as a teenager is reportedly looking forward to enjoying her recent engagement. And with Jamie no longer holding the reins of her personal, business, and financial affairs, it is rumored that she may never return to the main stage again. Following an Instagram post from Spears in July, her decision was made plain when she said, “…I’m not gonna be performing on any stages any time soon with my dad handing what I wear, say, do, or think.” Confirming her convictions was Spears’ long-time manager, Larry Rudolph, whose resignation letter that was submitted in July also outlined Britney’s intention to retire from the music business. He went on to reveal that her decision was made known to him 2 1/2 years prior, in which she communicated to him that she would be taking ‘an indefinite work hiatus.’ His statements also prove Britney’s claims that she was forced to perform at the 2018 European Tour in Las Vegas. The fact that she has not performed since that time may also be proof that she is serious about her permanent withdrawal from the music industry.

Britney Spears’ life story has been a source of inspiration for fans across the globe, even spawning a campaign called #FreeBritney in support of her 13-year struggle to regain control over her life. And who knows? Now that Jamie is no longer involved in her conservatorship, could we see a return to the performance stage from Britney? Only time will tell.

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