Footage shows horse refusing to enter McDonald's

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A pair of McDonald’s customers took “horsing around” way too far.

The two men reportedly rode horses through the drive-thru in Staines, England, stole another car’s order and then tried to get one of the horses into the restaurant. The incident was caught camera, which shows the large animal walking up to the door, but stopping before going inside.

The restaurant’s manager, Manir Mohammed, spoke with Surrey Live about the incident, saying “They came through the drive-thru on their horses and ordered two drinks from the side window. They paid for the two drinks and then went to the collection point and said they had another order, which was the car behind's order.”

Apparently, the duo was able to read the order screen and knew what items the car behind them had ordered. If stealing another customer’s food wasn’t enough, one of the men then tried to guide his horse into the restaurant.

“I was really shocked,” Mohammed said. “It is the first time I have been so close to a horse and I did not know what to do, but luckily they backed out before they could bring the horse into the restaurant.”

Footage of the incident was uploaded to YouTube. The incident was not reported to the police, but the RSPCA was notified. A spokesperson for the organization told Surrey Live, “This could have resulted in significant distress and injury to the horse, and to surrounding people had the horse panicked, or got items of his harness caught on the surroundings.”

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