Football fan too drunk to enter stadium slaps female steward in the face

A football fan slapped a steward in the face after she barred him from a stadium for being too drunk.

Derby fan Edward Dylan Price had spent the afternoon boozing ahead of his team's clash with Swansea at the Liberty Stadium on May 1.

When the 32-year-old stumbled up to the ground after two separate trips to the pub, a group of stewards decided he was in no state to get behind the Rams.

The Ceredigion man started to get verbally abusive, shouting at the stewards before hitting a female member of staff with an open hand.

Mounted police officers filming the scene moved in after the blow was delivered.

Price pleaded guilty to a count of assault by beating at Swansea Magistrates' Court.

Ms Sullivan told the court: “He had been drinking from 2pm and the incident took place around 8pm.

“He got a lift into Swansea and went to a pub near the Liberty Stadium, excited because Derby were playing Swansea. 

“He’d gone to get his ticket then went back to the pub and drank more alcohol.

“He told police during interview he is an idiot when he is drunk and a near alcoholic.”

The self-employed painter decorator was sentenced to a 12-month community order with a nine-month alcohol treatment requirement.

Mitigating John Allchurch said: "The defendant is self-employed as a painter decorator and lives in Aberporth.

"He is a keen Derby County supporter, his mother lives in Derby, and has followed them for some years.

"He had too much to drink and slapped one steward during the course of an argument. He fully accepts the offence.”

Price must also complete 10 rehabilitation activity requirement days, pay £100 and not attend a football match in England for three years.

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