Former BNTM model reveals ‘miracle’ vegan face cream cured her acne

Former Britain’s Next Top Model reveals how ‘miracle’ all natural vegan cream helped cure her acne and made her so happy she ‘could cry’

  • Louisa Northcote, 22, credits Science of Skin’s Rescue No. One cream for £18.99
  • Model said after four weeks of using the cream that the redness had gone down
  • Lou started #freethepimple after trauma caused by acne which began aged 13  
  • Rescue No.One is made with active extract of green tea and other natural all vegan ingredients 

A former Britain’s Next Top Model finalist has revealed how a natural cream with all vegan ingredients has cured her acne.

Louisa Northcote, 22, credits Science of Skin’s Rescue No. One cream, which is available for £18.99, for clearing up her pimple-ravaged skin.

She explained how after just four weeks of using the treatment that the anti-inflammatory ingredients – including extracts of green tea and magnolia tree bark – reduced the redness.

Lou, who started the #freethepimple campaign after trauma caused by the skin condition which began when she was just 13, said she ‘could cry’ at how happy she was with the results.

Louisa Northcote battled with severe acne from the age of 13 and discovered a ‘miracle’ cream that has cleared up her skin

She has made it her mission to #freethepimple and lessen the stigma around skin conditions and promote body positivity

The model said by changing her diet and cutting out gluten and dairy she managed to significantly reduce the painful active acne that featured mostly on her face.

However, she was left with scarring and raised red marks so turned to the Rescue No. One cream which has all natural vegan ingredients.

She said in a video blog showing her results after using the cream: ‘I could cry with how happy I am with my skin. I have clear skin. I never thought this day would happen.

‘How insanely ridiculous is that. It’s super duper crazy and it’s all thanks to this miracle cream. This is no joke.’ 

The Skin of Science Rescue No One cream for £18.99 uses all natural vegan ingredients and after four weeks can help reduce inflammation of the skin

The model credits Rescue No One by Skin of Science for helping to reduce the redness of her spots

Lou, who grew up in Singapore and Dubai before moving to the UK, regularly keeps her Instagram followers updated on her skincare regime along with days where her skin is inflamed in a bid to make it less of a stigma.

After years of battling acne Lou said it seriously affected her mental health and body image, some times not leaving the house because of low self-esteem.

Even though her own skin now has began to clear, she still wants to use her platform to promote body positivity.  

Lou cut out dairy and gluten from her diet which helped clear up the painful active acne before she turned to the all natural vegan cream 

‘Even if I end up with completely clear skin I will carry on campaigning for body positivity. I want to help other people understand and feel that you can still be beautiful even if you have spots,’ she told the Mirror.

‘Even if you are working to clear your skin it still takes time and it is a journey. While you are on that journey you need to be confident and proud of who you are, however long it may take.

‘Social media can be a horrible place, with a lot of cyber bulling, but it can also be used as a force for good.’

Science of Skin founders UK cosmetic surgeon Douglas McGeorge MBE of Chester and skin biologist Dr Ardeshir Bayat, a skin biologist at the University of Manchester, have also developed a cream for scars and one for stretch marks.

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