George R.R. Martin: How Much Last ‘Game Of Thrones’ Books Will Differ From TV Show After Fan Outcry

HBO’s ‘Game of Thrones’ has come to an end, but the series of books it’s based on continues. Author George R.R. Martin is planning to stick to his guns when it comes to the plotline despite what viewers want.

While some fans of Game of Thrones hated the way show creators, show runners and writers D.B. Weiss and  David Benioff decided to end the series, the A Song of Ice and Fire series of books it is based on continues. Author George R.R.  Martin has been writing the sixth book The Winds of Winter for the past eight years. “George R R Martin has seen the outcry of all the fans that hated this season and the choices that were made that led to the ending that was not that fulfilling to most. But as George continues to write the next two books he is in the head space that not much is going to change,” a source close to the 77-year-old author tells EXCLUSIVELY.

“It might make a little more sense as he is hoping for fans realize that he has a lot more room for explanation of storytelling he takes but as of this moment he isn’t going to change much from what people saw during the finale. People close to him have definitely mentioned and asked for him to spin it a little and retcon things that people hated, but George is currently sticking to his guns,” the insider adds. The author has said as recently as last month on 60 Minutes that he doubted his ending would differ much from David and D.B.’s and that he had walked them through how he planned to end the books.

The series came to a thundering close on May 19, with its highest ratings in show history with 19.3 million tuning in to see who won the Iron Throne. **SPOILER WARNING** Though many fans were hoping that either Jon Snow or Daenerys Targaryen would end up ruling Westeros, neither did. Instead Jon killed Dany to stop her from becoming a tyrannical ruler after she and Drogon burned down Kings Landing and killied so many innocents in the episode before (even though it did take out Cersei and Jamie Lannister). Even Drogon saw that the Iron Throne was the root of the evil and breathed fire on it to melt it into a metal puddle.

In the end, Bran Stark became the King of the Six Kingdoms with Tyrion Lanniser as his right hand. Sansa Stark demanded independence for the North and became its queen. Arya Stark sailed west of Westeros to explore a new world and Jon was sent back to Night’s Watch.

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