Jodie Shihadeh Named Partner at The Davis Firm

Jodie Shihadeh has been named Partner at The Davis Firm, PLLC. She joined the firm in 2011 and rose from associate to Managing Attorney and now partner.

She graduated from Boston College and received her law degree from Fordham University School of Law in 2011. While still in law school she interned in the Business Affairs department of RCA Records, and joined Davis shortly after she received her J.D.

“Jodie has embodied the Firm’s founding ethos, which was to create an environment of integrity, loyalty, drive and kindness,” founder Doug Davis — with whom Shihadeh is pictured above, at Variety’s Power of Law event last year — wrote in a letter announcing her promotion. “Jodie has not just carried the torch of the Firm’s founding philosophies, but she has helped shape and enhance what it has become today.

“This announcement is, therefore, well earned and a proper return on the rewards she has given both to the Firm in more than half of the Firm’s existence, and for all to come in its very bright future.”


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