Get Lily Allen’s new vibrant ‘Little Mermaid’ hair colour for £9 as singer stuns with new look

It's tricky trying to keep up with Lily Allen and her changing hair, but we're doing our best. Just the other month we reported she'd tried out a new peachy colour, and now we're here to let you know she's strayed even more towards the copper side. In fact, she's actually left the copper club altogether and has headed straight to the red zone.

Showing off a new vibrant red colour and ultra-lengthy tresses, Lily captions the Instagram reveal post with a simple mermaid emoji. This comparison has prompted some fans to compare her new look to Ariel The Little Mermaid, while others are taking to the comment section to let the It's Not Fair singer know she suits the bold hue to a tee.

"In your Little Mermaid era," says one, while a second writes: "Red is the new black!"

"Today I saw you with short hair on a magazine, having long hair installed on TikTok and now this – that's a lot of Lily hair!" comments a third, with a fourth chiming in with: "OK I'm loving the red hair!"

Lily has since posted one more selfie of herself with the new hair, and we get a much better view of the cut considering she isn't wearing a hat in the snap. Unless the singer is turning to a wig to extend her lengths, we'd hazard a guess that she's had bonds or tapes (or a combination of both) fitted to boost the short length of her previous bob. We like how she's kept her micro fringe, making is just slightly choppier so that it blends in with the long layers of her new hair.

Of course, there's also the colour. The first snap makes the hue look like a pillar box red, but the second image shows it has some warm and fiery ginger undertones to it. Considering 'strawper' (a combination of strawberry blonde and copper) is set to be a big colour trend in 2024, Lily is getting ahead of the game by switching from her previous peachy peroxide blonde to a red.

Other colour trends predicted to be big next year include 'bropper' – brown copper hair that edges towards a copper, but also doesn’t come with the maintenance of a full red shade – and mahogany – a type of berry with a purple undertone to it, but that also keeps plenty of depth from your base shade.

So, with coppers reigning supreme into the new year, will you make like Lily and try out a warm shade for yourself? If you do, we recommend shopping a semi-permanent home tint to give it a go. Try Wella Professionals Care Color Fresh Semi-Permanent Colour Mask in Copper Glow, £15.75 here, or L'Oreal Paris Meta Vivids Semi-Permanent Colour Coral, £8.99 here.

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