Girlfriend makes lad sell ‘cursed mirror’ as exes ‘got naked in front of it’

A woman made her partner sell a “cursed mirror” he owned – claiming his exes got naked in front of it.

Paul Young shared a hilarious advert for the mirror, saying his girlfriend called it the "sl*g mirror".

The Facebook ad read: “Absolutely cursed mirror for sale. Girlfriend is making me sell it.

“Bought it a few years ago when we were on a break and seeing other people.

“When we got back together she always called it the ‘sl*g mirror’ where apparently ‘other ‘sl*gs’ have probably got changed in front of it so it’s always been a good point of arguments.”

Paul said that his girlfriend had seen one of the women he dated in B&M and came home and asked him to sell it.

He added: “Don’t ask because I think she’s crazy.”

Paul is selling the mirror, which is available for collection in his local area, for £20.

Fingers crossed he gets a buyer soon!

In other news, a second mirror story has caught headlines his week.

TikTok user Annabell Mickelson was horrified after finding a two-way mirror in her new home.

The wires of the mirror were hooked up to cameras inside a hidden wall of her new abode.

The family discovered an odd cupboard and also found chords to all the cameras which had been previously been located around the house.

Annabell, 18, took to TikTok to speak about the odd situation as she filmed her dad drilling into the wall behind the mirror.

Confirming her worries about the mirror, she exclaimed: "We were right! It was a two-way mirror! We messed up the mirror but oh well."

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