Holiday photo of dogs goes viral thanks to pup's 'existential crisis'

Christmas can be ruff! Dog owners go viral after sharing a holiday photo of their pooches that shows one ‘super photogenic’ pup posing happily while the other has ‘an existential crisis’

  • Toronto-based Lauren Carter shared the shoot on her Twitter over the weekend 
  • She posted a photo of her two dogs posing against a snowy festive background
  • Opiee, ten, is seen ‘grinning’ for the camera, while Mika, nine, looks miserable 
  • Mika’s unhappy expression has taken Twitter by storm, with many empathizing 
  • The images were quickly turned into memes by many
  • Lauren’s original tweet has been retweeted more than 174,000 times 

Two Canadian dogs have taken the internet by storm after their owners shared a hilarious image from the pups’ annual holiday photo shoot that shows one literally beaming at the camera – while the other looks close to tears. 

Lauren Carter, from Toronto, took to Twitter over the weekend to share a festive snap of her two dogs, Opiee, ten, and Mika, nine, along with a close-up of Mika’s seemingly-agonized expression. 

‘Took my dogs to take their yearly Christmas photos,’ she wrote alongside the snaps, before adding: ‘It’s really hard when you have one super photogenic dog and one dog having an existential crisis.’ 

The holidays are hard! Toronto-based Twitter user Lauren Carter shared a hilarious image of her two dogs over the weekend, showing one posing happily while the other looks miserable 

Viral sensations: People couldn’t get enough of the snap – and the difference between the pooches’ expressions 

Jokers: Lauren revealed that ten-year-old Opiee (left) is almost always the happy one in photos, while Mike (right), nine, usually looks unhappy  

In the photo, both dogs can be seen posing against a festive backdrop, while fake snow sprinkles down over them. 

But despite their happy holiday surroundings, only one of the pups, Opiee, looks to be enjoying himself, posing perfectly for the camera with what looks like a wide grin on his face, while wearing a string of Christmas lights around his neck. 

In stark contrast, Mika, who is wearing a small holly-embellished hat and a red-and-white collar with bells on it, is staring miserably into the distance, looking away from the camera with a truly devastated expression on her face.   

Unsurprisingly it didn’t take long for the photo to take off on social media, with Lauren’s original post racking up an impressive 175,000 retweets in a matter of days, along with a staggering 757,000 likes.    

After watching her tweet take off, and seeing a host of new followers flocking to her account, Lauren offered up a bit more information about her dogs, joking that Opiee is almost always the ‘happy one’, while Mika more often than not looks like she is ‘contemplating why she puts up with this c**p’. 

‘I’m telling ya’ll, [Mika] has a very classic “oh god…. did I leave the stove on?” type of face 24/7,’ she joked while sharing another snap of her dogs. 

However, Lauren also shared rare images of her pets where their behavior rubs off on each other, revealing one snap of both Mika and Opiee looking upset, along with another that shows them both posing happily for the camera. 

Many people also re-shared the images with their own witty captions, with one user posting the close-up photo of Mika’s expression while captioning it: ‘They ask you how you are & you say that you’re fine. & you’re not really fine but you just can’t get into it bc they would never understand…’ 

What’s up? Lauren joked that Mika often looks as though she is ‘contemplating why she puts up with this c**p’

Furry and famous: The dogs are delighting Twitter with their opposing moods 

Annual tradition: Lauren joked that occasionally Mika’s (left) somber expression will ‘rub off’ on the usually happy Opiee (right), as in this image of the two dogs

Another joked that the two dogs were a perfect representation of their own personality, writing: ‘How I look on the outside VS. How I feel on the inside.’ 

A number of users also jokingly penned an inner monologue for Mika, with one writing: ‘”Who’s a good boy?” “What does it even mean to be ‘good’.”‘

Another suggested Mika was thinking: ‘(bad French accent): Ah, my companion is happy, oui? Because he does not grasp the futility of canine existence. We fetch, we nap, we frolic, and to what end?  

‘We live in a godless void empty of all meaning. And I am wearing this damned hat, too.’

Many other people shared photos of their own pets, revealing that they struggle with similar issues when it comes to snapping the perfect picture of their beloved furry friends.  

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