Landlord left in tears after ‘tenant from hell’ leaves rubbish piled to ceiling

Three people were sick when they walked into this house and found a disgusting mess that was left behind by a nightmare tenant.

The landlord was left in tears after her house in Cardiff was trashed – and has had to spend thousands on renovations – and these horrifying photos show just how filthy it was.

A toilet that appears to be smeared with faeces, there are mountains of empty beer cans and old newspapers, and there is so much rubbish piled up that the floor is barely visible.

In one room, plastic carrier bags, crushed boxes, plastic bottles and cans are piled to the ceiling in a corner, WalesOnline reports.

There were piles of rubbish throughout the home, and walls were covered in stains, marks and spider webs.

Hundreds of empty beer cans and bottles were found in one room, while the bathroom was filled with old newspapers and empty tinned cans.

The house had to undergo an extreme clean afterwards and the property has been gutted and renovated.

The house in Rumney, Cardiff, was found in a filthy state after the tenant moved out and apparently disappeared.

When the landlord discovered the mess she broke down and cried.

She has had to gut the property and replace the kitchen, floors and skirting boards, costing her thousands of pounds.

She said: "No landlord should have to walk in to see a property like that.

"It has broken my heart to see my property like this.

"I did everything to make sure the property was fit for a tenant.

"I just don't understand why anyone would do this?"

She added: "The floors, skirting boards, kitchen has all been ripped out and it's cost me thousands of pounds.

"I just can't understand why anyone would do this."

Porthcawl-based Victoria's Cleaning Services has been hired to do a number of extreme cleans in South Wales.

The firm, started by mum-of-two Victoria Trythall about two years ago, has had to clean up homes smeared with faeces and urine, and has even found snakes during her deep cleans.

Last week, an NHS worker told how she had to spend £20,000 on the clean-up and repairs after a nightmare tenant "destroyed" her home and turned it into a "drugs den".

Rubbish and belongings were piled all over the place, and there was graffiti on the walls, holes in doors and mould in corners of the home in Bentilee, Staffordshire.

In another case, an 81-year-old woman decided to rent her home in Lewisham, south London, as a way of giving her a pension.

But the current tenant refused to pay her rent for six months and now owes the pensioner £13,000.

The case was featured on the Channel 5 programme Nightmare Tenants: Slum Landlords.

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