Love Island’s Millie Court shares incredible final results of ombré brow transformation

Love Island winner Millie Court has shared a final update with her fans after coming to the end of her eyebrow transformation. As you might imagine, the before and after pictures are incredibly impressive.

The 24 year old has been having a treatment dubbed “ombré brows”, which is a form of microblading achieved with the help of a digital machine. She took to Instagram back in September to first share a look at her before and after snaps, and now she’s uploaded more Stories showing the results of the final stage of her brow blitz.

“Back to my girl again for my brow top-up after healing from the first session,” she captions the selfie. “When I say I’m in love with them, I’m in love.”

Millie then goes on to share a trio of images – one depicting her brows before the treatment, one after the first session, and a final one after the top up. It’s clear by looking at these images next to each other that the treatment has significantly improved the thickness of her brows, which no longer have any visible sparse patches.

They do also have an ombré effect, whereby the hairs appear lighter at their beginning then the colour tails off into a darker shade towards the ends of the brows.

Millie previously wrote of her concern about having a semi-permanent treatment due to the worry of them coming out too thick or too dark.

“I’ve always put it off because I worried nobody would know what on earth to do with them, but I put my trust in SDH_Makeup and please look at the result,” she wrote in September.

“Obsessed, thank you so much angel. The eyebrow queen!” she thanked her technician SDH Makeup.

If you’re wondering what exactly an ombré brow treatment is, it’s basically just a form of microblading that gives a soft effect at the fronts of brows.

“Pigment is applied to the dermal layer of the skin using an ombré technique which creates a gradient effect and a more defined 'makeup effect' brow,” explains SDH Makeup.

“It is suitable for darker skin tones and oily/thick skin; very durable and requires less frequent touch ups in comparison to Microblading. A top up is required after 5-7 weeks, and the treatment lasts between 2 to 4 years.”

This treatment uses a hand-held tool that doesn’t require any electricity to work, while the digital machine Millie opted for uses electricity to power a needle, which punctures the very surface of the skin, inserting pigment as it goes.

The cost is around £400 for Millie’s ombre procedure, and is available nationwide at most beauty clinics offering semi-permanent makeup.

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