Man thinks he's got a £30 sofa – and then realises it's for a doll's house

After moving into a new flat together, one woman left the task of buying some furniture to her partner while she worked some night shifts.

But it was only when she showed off their new bargain sofa to a friend that she realised he’d actually bought one to fit a doll’s house.

The friend, named Priya, posted screenshots from their message conversation where the penny dropped for her pal Melissa.

The conversation started with Priya asking how the new flat was going and Melissa explaining that they were adding furniture slowly.

Priya reminded her to check out the Black Friday sales and Melissa replied saying her partner Kieran had snapped up a sofa for £30 from Argos, before she sent a picture of the grey corner couch, complete with pink fluffy cushions.

But taking a closer look, her friend Priya found the same item on the Argos website, with a doll taking a seat, and she had to break the news.

She said: ‘Mel, you know that’s for a doll’s house, don’t you? It’s for a kids dolls house. You must have known that. It doesn’t even look like a proper sofa!’

Melissa replied: ‘I’ve been on nights. I’m gonna kill him!’

Posting the pictures on Twitter, Priya added the caption: ‘When people ask me why I don’t want to be in a relationship- I will now be using this conversation with a friend as part of my case…’

While Melissa might not have been impressed, others thought it was hilarious.

One said: ‘I wish you hadn’t pointed it out so we could garner their reaction when it actually arrived and was miniature.’

Another added: ‘This is hilarious, but I feel I need to confess getting all the way to the final checkout button before realising that the cute knitted dress (size M) I’d got for a bargain from GAP was from the kid’s section.’

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