Mattel’s David Bowie Barbie dressed as Ziggy Stardust sells out

To quote David Bowie’s legendary “Starman” lyric, “Let the children use it.”

Barbie-maker Mattel has given its classic doll a glam rock makeover as the singer’s sci-fi alter ego: Ziggy Stardust.

“In a definitive celebration of two pop culture icons, Barbie honors the pioneer of sound and vision: David Bowie!,” Mattel hypes in a statement. “This collectible [is an homage] to the cultural legacy of the musical genius who redefined rock and roll.”

The limited-edition doll comes in a box collaged with images from Bowie’s early career, a doll stand and a certificate of authenticity. The $50 doll sold out in minutes Thursday — but it’s already available on back order.

As Ziggy, Barbie rocks an astral sphere on her forehead, the iconic red platform boots, backcombed red hair and a matching metallic two-piece “space suit.”

Unlike Bowie, however, both of her eyes are blue.

“With a career spanning over five decades, David Bowie was at the vanguard of contemporary culture as a musician, artist, and icon,” Mattel’s website hypes. “He was, and remains to be, a unique presence in contemporary culture.”

The Bowie Barbie’s release comes three years after his death at age 69 following a secret battle with cancer in 2016.

It’s not the only posthumous Bowie merch to be released in 2019: In April, Vans launched a David Bowie collection including T-shirts, hats and sneakers inspired by the the legendary Thin White Duke’s greatest albums.

BTW: The iconic Barbie doll turned 60 this year.

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