McDonald’s breakfast menu hours could be extended across the country

For years now we’ve all been screaming for McDonald’s to extend their breakfast hours.

Items like hash browns and the egg McMuffin are currently only available until 10.30am.

However, a new trial by McDonald's could see the popular brand extend their breakfast hours to all restaurants across the country.

On Thursday 12 June seven of the fast-food chain's venues started a trial in which they extended breakfast hours from 10.30am to 11am.

The test will continue for six-weeks in order to see if it’s worth selling the breakfast menu for that little bit longer.

If it proves to be successful, McDonald's will make the move permanent across the entire UK.

If ordering McDonald’s breakfast on Uber Eats, you’ll now have until 10.45am to get that order in, as opposed to the 10.15am deadline which currently stands.

The trials are taking place in Portsmouth and the Isle of Wight, so hopefully the south of England do us all proud and get those hours changed.

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