McDonald’s fan makes monstrous Big Mac pizza using eight patties

A food lover has created a monster Big Mac pizza filled with patties, cheese, vegetables and even a secret sauce.

Ryan Parkins shared his devilish recipe on TikTok as he reveals the step-to-step guide using only $13 (£9.93) worth of ingredients he bought from McDonald's.

He apparently visited a fast food chain store and asked for a "deconstructed Big Mac".

In the video seen nearly 90,000 times, Ryan brings out two pizza bases and brushes them with a layer of Big Mac sauce.

Then he empties a cup full of grated cheddar cheese on top and adds eight pieces of beef patties too.

While he puts them into the oven to cook, he brings out other ingredients so that he can craft them into a burger.

Once the pizzas are cooled down, Ryan drops the pickles on top of one of the two pizzas and sprinkles a handful of lettuce too.

Then, he assembles the burger and places the other pizza above like a sandwich.

To finish everything off, he drizzles the gut-busting treat in even more Big Mac sauce.

Ryan then divides the massive pizza burger into four portions and takes one out to show to his viewers.

He even tagged celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay in the post.

His crazy idea has divided views on TikTok as some called it an "awesome" idea and others said it is too much.

One viewer commented: "That looks like death."

Another agreed and added: "Like the cardiac arrest kind of death."

A third, however, said: "This actually looks so good."

"If you flipped the top pizza upside down," a fourth suggested. "I think you have an actual winner here."

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