Meghan Markle's 'More Involved' With Controlling Public Image Than Queen Elizabeth II

Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, is very involved with her public image. 

So much so, according to a royal correspondent, Rob Shuter, she’s more involved than the leader of the monarchy, Queen Elizabeth II. 

“In fact, I would argue, a source tells me, that she’s more involved in these decisions than anybody else in the family, including the Queen,” Shuter told iHeartRadio, according to Express.  

“While other members of the Royal Family, they’re happy to let their PR people make all these decisions, Meghan is not. She’s very involved,” he added. 

So, instead of letting others control her public image, Markle likes to be in the driver’s seat. Considering the history she has with the press since the world learned she began dating Prince Harry in 2016, it makes sense she’d want to be very involved with what image of herself she projects to the world. 

At one point, Markle’s interactions with the media got so bad, Prince Harry released a statement — Prince William did the same thing with Kate Middleton prior to their engagement– asking the press to respect his then-girlfriend’s privacy. 

‘No detail too small’ for Meghan Markle regarding her public image

Shuter told the outlet, per his source, no detail about Markle’s own public image is too small for her.

“There is no detail of her carefully crafted public image that is too small, including deciding whether the pictures she posts on her Instagram are in [sic] color or black and white,” he said. “That’s how involved she is,” he added. 

It’s been said in the past Markle may be behind her and Prince Harry’s Instagram account — @sussexroyal — writing captions with American spellings of words leading people to suggest she’s writing the text herself. 

Knowing she’s very involved with decisions regarding her public image, the theory she’s the author behind Instagram captions becomes more credible. 

Everyone signs an NDA, ‘no exceptions’

You get an NDA! And you get an NDA! Everybody gets an NDA! 

Just as Oprah famously handed out cars to audience members on The Oprah Winfrey Show, Markle’s following suit with NDAs or non-disclosure agreements. 

What’s an NDA you ask? An NDA, also called a confidentiality agreement or a proprietary information agreement, is a written contract stating named parties — in this case the Sussexes and their staff members — agree to never release specific information listed in the contract. 

For the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, an NDA would be beneficial for them in terms of privacy. 

The nanny of their newborn son, Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor, has reportedly signed an extensive NDA and as a result, anything she witnesses in her post, will fall under the NDA, meaning the nanny won’t be able to talk about it publicly without legal repercussions likely being taken by Prince Harry and Markle. 

The royal correspondent confirmed the couple’s newly-hired nanny signed an NDA. 

“Meghan Markle is making her staff sign these very special agreements. Meghan Markle is so concerned about leaks to the press she’s insisting everybody on her team, including her new nanny, sign a non-disclosure agreement,” he said.

For those who get turned down by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex for a job, they too have to sign NDAs. 

“Meghan is insisting that people who interview for positions in her household have to sign an NDA agreement, no exceptions,” Shuter said. 

During his interview, Shuter reminded the public Markle’s been dealing with her public image for years. 

“You cannot forget that Meghan is not new to this, she has been working in Hollywood for years and she understands the power of the press and photography particularly,” he added. 

Knowing what we know about Markle and her involvement in her own public image, we’ll think twice when we see a new Instagram post from the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.  

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