Men unrecognisable after hair transformations – from bus driver to homeless chap

A new hairdo can work wonders for your confidence – as shown by the blokes below.

For one reason or another, they have all endured bad hair days in the past. But after undertaking dramatic transformations, their lives changed forever.

From a rough sleeper who enjoyed a dramatic makeover thanks to a free haircut to a man who had been bald for some 45 years, check out the most jaw-dropping changes in our round-up below.

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Homeless man's joy

Barber Joshua Santiago did a good deed when he gave a homeless man a free haircut – resulting in his video going viral and being viewed more than six million times.

The rough sleeper was sitting on the side of the street rocking a messy beard and matted hair when he was approached for the makeover.

The barber used clippers to give the man a clean shave before chopping his hair off to reveal the man’s cherished tattoos.

Afterwards Joshua wrote: “Sometimes the nicest people you meet are covered in tattoos and sometimes the most judgemental people you meet go to church on Sundays.”

One impressed viewer wrote: “You took over a decade from this man.”

A second added: “Haircuts can really change a man’s future.” And a third wrote: “Whoa! He looks like a completely different person, it’s cool that you helped him.”

Explaining why he helped, Joshua said: “I gave this man exactly what he asked for and due to him being homeless for quite some time, he didn’t have the chance to really keep up with his appearance. He spoke about why he keeps his head bald because he wants his tattoos exposed. The same goes to his eyebrows.”

A weight off his shoulders

Lee Meadows now feels like a new man after a “life changing” hair brought back his smile and inspired him to slim down. He described hitting “rock bottom” in his early 20s when his hairline receded and hair started falling from the crown of his head.

Desperate, Lee tried many solutions to his barnet including tablets, creams, sprays and oils. But in 2019 he went to a hair company and paid £900 for a hair system, a cap covered in real hairs that is glued to your head, and it worked wonders.

The 32-year-old, who lives in Nuneaton, spoke exclusively to Daily Star about the difference a full head of hair has made. He said: “Just the initial smile I had within two seconds of seeing myself with hair again, it was a massive change.

"It is literally the best feeling. I can’t even explain the instant confidence changes. I have lost five stone and I have got myself a partner, it is the first relationship I have had in 12 years.

“Everything is falling into place because I have a bit more confidence. Even at work I have had promotions in the past three years, everything has changed just because I feel better in myself. It is a simple thing that makes a massive change to your life.”

Headteacher's makeover

Former headteacher Gary Groom meanwhile dropped five stone in four months before getting a hair transplant to give him a whole new look.

The 58-year-old, from Yarm, North Yorks, wanted to make big changes while approaching an early retirement and getting a thick quiff from hair transplant firm Novo Cabelo completed his transformation.

It was the first time he saw himself with hair on his head for 45 years, and afterwards he told us: “It has been totally unreal. At first I didn’t recognise myself in the mirror. I thought ‘who is that looking back at me’?

“It looks so real and the emotions were ‘oh my god I have got hair and a hairstyle that I always wanted’.

“Whenever I used to use the mirror for things like shaving I would just look at where I was shaving.

"I wouldn’t look at myself if that makes sense, just at what I’m doing. But I kind of look at myself now and I think you know what, I look alright.”

Gary’s hair system lasts up to six months and is a cap covered in real hair that is glued to his head and the average price is between £350 and £550.

Bus driver ages backwards

Another example is East Londoner Adam Sinclair who teared up when he saw how he looked with his own Novo Cabelo hair transplant for the first time.

The former bus driver had been receding since he was 17 and he was often mistaken for being older.

But one year after the transplant, the 30-year-old, who was told he looked seven years younger, told us: “To be honest, my whole life has changed. It has felt like going from the background character to being the main character.

“There is now a massive difference with my confidence and mental health. The reason I think I cried in the video is I don’t think I realised how much it was affecting me.

“I cried because I didn’t recognise myself and I was happy with what I saw. I am just very happy now and my only regret is not doing it earlier. I’m now making up for lost time.”

Adam’s locks even bagged him a girlfriend and as for how his dating life immediately changed, he added: “It was going from chasing to being chased. It was quite strange I must admit. It felt like the table had turned between men and women.

“I did go on a few dates to be fair. I was definitely a lot busier than I’ve ever been on a Friday and Saturday night.”

Self conscious chap turns silver fox

Adam Gibson started losing his hair in his twenties and struggled with his confidence for years as a result. He always wanted to do something about it after seeing adverts about hair systems on Facebook, but worried about what other people thought.

It wasn't until he hit 30 that he decided to take the plunge. He booked in for an appointment with Rob Wood at the hair system company Novo Cabelo Hair in Gateshead – and definitely didn't regret it.

Adam said: "Walking in to @hiddenheightsstudio feeling a little nervous walking out feeling the most confident I have in years! Thank you so much

"I feel great and if this can help 1 more person kick the stigma of men wearing Hair Systems that would make me feel even more happy. Do what makes you happy."

Viewers took to the comments claiming his new look knocked years off his age and praised him for keeping his grey hair. One user said: "Took 20 years off him! Amazing."

Balding bloke turns Hollywood lookalike

Earlier this year Novo Cabelo Hair released footage of a bald bloke who was compared to Gerard Butler after his fitting. He was even told he appeared 20 years younger after getting his realistic looking hair piece added.

After the video was shared online, one person commented: “I’m getting Gerard Butler vibes.”

Another said: “More than what we see, I can’t stop thinking of the enormous self-perception boost they must have when they see the final results and the impact on their self-confidence.”

The moving clip starts by showing the sombre looking man with his bald crown before his new hairline comes into focus with a hand brushing through the hair piece.

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