Pet owners share hilarious photos of cats in bizarre circumstances

Are you fur real? Pet owners share hilarious photos of their cats in bizarre positions

  • Bored Panda collated a selection of hilarious cats from places including the US  
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Our pets are known for bringing us equal parts joy and panic – but at times their quirky behaviours are just plain confusing.

Bored Panda has collated a hilarious collection of snaps featuring cats showing off their goofy – and sometimes bizarre – sides.

One feline, understood to be from the US, could be seen attempting to walk on the ceiling, upside down.

Elsewhere, one amusing photograph captured a cat’s intense battle with a roll of toilet paper.

Spider cat! One adventurous ginger cat, understood to be from the US, wanted to walk on the ceiling

Meanwhile, in another picture from a Swedish pet owner, a ginger cat can be seen defying gravity as it sleeps on a climbing frame. 

Here, FEMAIL has curated some of the funniest feline endeavours from all over the world.

These feature sleeping in an empty drawer, attempting to sit on a handrail and snoozing on top of a cable box. 

Flushed away! Elsewhere, one photo captured a cat’s very intense battle with a roll of toilet paper

Defying gravity! A Swedish pet owner captured his a ginger cat having a bizarre-looking nap on a climbing frame

Done for the day! One very tired cat from the UK collapsed into its belly, clearly having had enough 

Nap time! A pet owner from Florida, US, shared a snap of their cat attempting to catch some Z’s in a very unconventional bed

Slippery seat! A cat owner from the US captured the hilarious moment their cat braved standing on the handrail 

Cable cat! One feline from Los Angeles in the US prefers the warm gadget over a comfy bed for naps

Take a picture, it’ll last longer! One pet owner from the US captured their pet striking a sensationally sassy pose

Big stretch! One cat opted for an unusual way of stretching its body out as it laid back on its owner’s lap

Cat eye! One pet from Virginia threw a seriously sassy look at their owner as they rose from the couch

Zoning out! This cat looked to be in its own word entirely as it adopted a very human sitting stance on the sofa

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