Fight attendant flies from Cape Town to Antarctica, and lands on ICE

I’m an air hostess and I worked on a flight from Cape Town to Antarctica – we landed on ice and danced in the snow

  • The plane is said to be the first Boeing 787 Dreamline to land on the continent
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A flight attendant has revealed what it’s like to fly to Antarctica after taking a once-in-a-lifetime trip to the continent.

Karen Veje, from Oslo, ticked off a bucket list travel destination most can only dream off – the ice-covered landmass of the South Pole.

With just 45 passengers onboard, the Norse Atlantic attendant accompanied the Norwegian Polar Institute on the five hour south from Cape Town to the southernmost continent. The airline has claimed that the flight is the largest aircraft to ever land in the South Pole.

In a day Karen hailed ‘the best ever’, she landed in a Boeing 787 Dreamliner on a runway made of glacial ice to minus 12 degrees Celsius, made snow angels on the untouched ice, and even managed to take home a souvenir.

The video has caused a storm on social media, and viewers are more than impressed.

Karen Veje (pictured) a Norse Atlantic cabin crew member travelled from Cape Town to the Antarctica in a Boeing 787 Dreamline 

Taking to TikTok, Karen shared her ‘very special’ journey to the South Pole with social media users.

The flight attendant began the day in very different conditions- by the marina in a warm and sunny Cape Town.

After enjoying a pedicure and massage, Karen and the other cabin crew members prepared for the flight.

The team boarded the flight with the 45 passengers from the Norwegian Polar Institute.

The team were given their own box of polar gear, including snow boots and thermals, which they changed into one hour prior to landing.

After five hours of travelling, the aircraft landed. ‘Of course, there wasn’t a regular runway, so we landed on the ice which is just insane’, Karen said.

She added: ‘It did feel surprisingly smooth.’

Shortly after, the doors were unlocked, and the team stepped foot on the South Pole.

Without conventional landing strips present in Antarctica, the aircraft had to land on glacial ice 

Karen said: ‘It’s always been on my bucket list to travel to every single continent, but I never thought I’d actually be able to step foot onto Antarctica.’

Feeling ‘incredibly grateful’, Karen made snow angels on the fresh ice and skipped along the frosty surface next to the numerous Norwegian flags that had been placed in the ground.

The attendants each received a new stamp in their passport to mark their latest travel adventure before it ‘was time to get to work’.

The cabin crew filmed social media content, and even changed back into their standard uniforms for a photo opportunity.

After three hours in Antarctica, it was time to travel back. But the team pocketed some ice as a souvenir, and cooled their drinks with it once they landed back in South Africa.

Karen (pictured left) smiled for cameras with a colleague in front of the Boeing 787 Dreamline aircraft 

The cabin crew members received a rare stamp in their passports upon landing in the Antarctica 

Social media users flocked to the comment section to share their thoughts on the video, and many were impressed 

With over a million views on social media, Karen’s post has left social media users in awe. One said: ‘What an experience you are so lucky.’

A second added: ‘Cooling your drinks with ice from Antarctica is such a boss move hahaha.’ 

Another said: ‘Omg I’m switching airlines AMAZING.’

A fourth wrote: ‘So amazing being on the first 787 to land there! Incredible experience you’ll never forget. I bet flightradar was going crazy watching this.’

A fifth said: ‘Girlie I am so so so proud of you! You have experienced the one thing one would only dream of! I am BA crew myself and I would love this experience!’

Another added: ‘So cool landing on ice.’ 

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