KitKat's mint cookies and cream chocolate bar divides foodies

KitKat’s mint cookies and cream chocolate bar divides foodies as it arrives on B&M shelves

  • One budget supermarket chain is offering a polarising chocolate flavour
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People are divided over a special edition of a popular wafer bar that has arrived on UK supermarket shelves.

KitKat’s mint cookies and cream bar is only available at B&M stores – and shoppers are either obsessed with or put off by it.

This is the first time the chocolate has hit British shelves, after previously only being spotted in Australian supermarkets.

A member of Facebook group Snack Reviews recently posted an image of the minty chocolate bar, which takes the regular KitKat and sandwiches it between mint cookies and cream flavouring. 

The person claimed the chocolate bar is available in the budget store for £2.99 – and people were quick to share their thoughts on the flavour.

KitKat’s mint cookies and cream bar, which was previously only seen in Australian supermarkets, has finally hit UK shelves

The chocolate is only available at B&M stores – and shoppers are equally unsure as they are delighted by it 

Some people were seriously unimpressed by the new flavour and called for makers of the bar to ‘leave KitKat as it is please’ – with one even branding the minty treat as ‘gross’.

Another account revealed their mixed feelings on the new bar: ‘Not too sure about this’.

The reported price of £2.99 for just one individual 170g bar was enough to put off one person who asked: ‘Who pays 3 quid for a chocolate bar?’.

A different user quipped: ‘Why not just eat a KitKat whilst brushing your teeth?’, although others were more easily swayed: ‘Looks a bit weird, but I’ll try it!’ 

But many were impressed by the brand’s unique flavour, which is usually reserved for ice cream. One user said: ‘Wow looks nice, not seen them anywhere’. 

Another claimed: ‘That looks delicious’, while a different user pleaded: ‘Please get me one for Christmas, I still haven’t tried this’.

This comes just months after KitKat brought back a product that’d taken a break for three years.

KitKat Chunky Hazelnut is back once again for a limited period of time, ready to ignite a rivalry against its formidable foe, the classic KitKat Chunky Peanut Butter.

The chocolate is only available at B&M stores – and Facebook users are equally repulsed and delighted

According to the Nestlé UK website, there is set to be a ‘Battle of the Breaks’ as the two bars will be ‘competing for the hearts and taste buds of Chunky fans all over the nation’.

Now on sale, the mouth-watering chocolate bar consists of a crispy wafer, topped with a layer of hazelnut spread and encased in the milk chocolate that KitKat fans enjoy and love. 

KitKat Assistant Brand Manager, Torin Zieboll, said of the relaunch: ‘It’s been three long years since KitKat Chunky Hazelnut was on sale in the UK’.

Since its launch in 1999, KitKat Chunky has produced many exciting, limited-edition flavoured bars to delight fans.

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