Psychic predicts England will win Euro 2020 after reading players’ bums

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A psychic predicts England will win Euro 2020 – after looking at the players' BUMS.

Psychic Sam reckons the Three Lions won't crack under the pressure against Italy and finally end 55 years of hurt at Wembley.

The tarot reader is often described as the “UK’s first rumpologist” due to her ability to read rears.

She’s used the method to tell the future for around 17 years and has worked with the likes of the Beckhams and Gemma Collins.

The cheeky clairvoyant, 63, predicted Gareth Southgate’s side would trump Denmark and raked in £359 at the bookies as a result.

Sam thinks the Three Lions will rump home in the final too – and has placed her bets on a 3-2 victory.

So how did she come to her conclusions?

Here, the rumpologist rates England’s chances by looking at their posteriors…

Yes he Kane

Psychic Sam believes our captain's booty will bring football home.

She said: “Harry Kane has a bottom of success.

"A full square bottom means he’s a kind and caring person who hasn’t let his success go to his head."

It's not just Harry's bum that puts him in good stead either.

The tarot card reader believes his footballing success is written in the stars.

She added: "He’s a typical fire sign with an Earth moon sign – that makes him well balanced and keeps his cool and focus."

Sterling performance

The Euro 2020 goal-scorer is another stand-out player for Sam due to his prominent behind.

She said: "Raheem Sterling is a very articulate footballer, he’s got a heart shaped bum.

"He’s got the power of puma shown by his running skills and handling of the ball.

"He’s a kind and caring man who thinks of everyone.

"He has a very charismatic personality and loves life, family and friends. There’s no wonder he’s popular with fans."

Sam is backing Sterling so much that she thinks he'll net two goals at Wembley.

She added: "This young man will score a penalty and a goal tonight."

Harry ever after

Psychic Sam says the defender's understated bum reflects his quietly confident personality.

She explained: "Harry Maguire is a lovely sensitive man with a strong determination.

"He's a team player and will be a very important part of the team tonight.

"He will surprise everyone with his outstanding performance.

"He's a very humble young man and when England win he will shine."

He'll boss it

It's not just the England players who have prized behinds.

Psychic Sam says Southgate's bottom is a sign he's the right person to lead and unify the squad.

She revealed: "Gareth Southgate's bum indicates he’s a winner.

"His determination and down to Earth approach makes the England team connect and work well as a team.

"He’s a caring man – that shows in his flat square bottom."

And some thoughts on the opposition…

By Giorg!

While Sam believes Italy captain Giorgio Chiellini could pose problems for the Three Lions, she thinks he is no match for our skipper Kane.

She explained: "Chiellini’s bum is a full round bum showing he is talented in his own right.

"He’s got the stamina to be a winner but he holds back sometimes.

"Harry Kane more of a winner as he thinks one step ahead."

From more on Psychic Sam, visit her website here.

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