The Highest Earning Korean CF Stars Of 2021

The hottest stars in South Korea show their impact not only with their album sales and acting roles, but they also show it through their brand endorsements which are popularly called in South Korea as CF or Commercial Films. Thus, it is common for these most sought-after celebrities to earn outrageous amounts of money from CFs. Recently, a list of the stars who have earned the most this year through CFs alone was released by the Entertainment Company Live, a variety show in South Korea.

These stars do not only rake in a hefty amount of cash from their album sales or per episode fees for actors in their current hit dramas, but they also make a huge amount of fortune from multiple brand endorsement deals. Most of these deals are made during the airing of a hit drama of an actor which hits high ratings in the viewership; some artists also close these deals for brand endorsements once their hit songs make waves in South Korea. Find out in the list below the top celebrity endorsers in South Korea.

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8 Youn Yuh-jung

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With estimated earnings of 2.1 billion won, which is approximately $1.7 million, Youn Yuh-Jung takes the eighth spot on the list. The actress made history when she won the best actress award in a supporting role for her portrayal in the drama Minari. According to Star Today, the actress earned $1.7 million for Commercial films just this year alone. Her portrayal in the drama Minari made her win an Academy Award early this year which made her the first-ever South Korean woman and the second Asian woman to ever win an acting award in Oscars.

7 Lim Young-Woong

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With estimated earnings of 2.8 billion won, which is approximately $2.3 million, Lim Young-Woong takes the seventh spot on the list. The famous trot singer has filmed seven CFs this year alone which totaled his earnings to US$2.3 million. The 30-year-old trot singer made it to stardom after his appearance in a music competition called Mr. Trot in early 2020. It made him a household name in South Korea which scored him numerous lucrative brand endorsements.

6 Jennie (Blackpink)

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With estimated earnings of 5 billion won, which is approximately $4.1 million, Jennie of Blackpink takes the sixth spot on the list. One of the most prominent endorsements of Jennie is her deal with the soju brand Chum Churum. It is not surprising that a member of the hottest girl group in the world has made it to the list, let alone the most loved member of the group. She has earned $4.1 million just for five brand endorsements in 2021 alone. She has signed additional three new endorsements that were previously endorsed by the CF Queen, idol, and actress Bae Suzy.

5 Son Heung-Min

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With estimated earnings of 6 billion won, which is approximately US$5 million, Son Heung-min takes the fifth spot on the list. The South Korean Football superstar has a world-class status when it comes to CFs. The forward for Premier League club Tottenham Hotspur Son Heung-min earned world-class status in South Korea for CFs when he signed with the Tottenham in 2015. He made history since he was the most expensive Asian player. He has only filmed six CFs this year alone but already earned $5 million.

4 Jo Jung-Suk

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With estimated earnings of 7.7 billion won, which is approximately $6.5 million, Jo Jung-suk takes the fourth spot on the list. The Hospital Playlist actor has even won an award for his CFs. He has this friendly and down-to-earth image which made him the favorite among the South Korean audience. He has filmed 11 endorsements just this year alone which earned him approximately $6.5 million.

3 Park Seo-Joon

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With estimated earnings of 9.8 billion won, which is approximately $8.2 million, Park Seo-Joon takes the third spot on the list. The What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim lead actor has filmed 14 CFs this year alone. The actor is one of the most sought-after celebrity endorsers, following his roles in What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim and Itaewon Class. Over the last few years, he has been raking in millions from brand endorsements, and this year is no different with 14 endorsements in his belt.

2 Jun Ji-Hyun

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With estimated earnings of 15 billion won, which is approximately $12.5 million, Jun Ji-Hyun takes the third spot on the list. Jun Ji Hyun is the first-ever South Korean ambassador for the fashion brand Alexander McQueen. It is not surprising that Jun Ji Hyun made it to the list since she is one of Korea’s top-earning actresses. She has been long reigning as the CF Queen in South Korea and modeled for 15 brands this year.


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With estimated earnings of 65 billion won, which is approximately $55.1 million, BTS takes the third spot on the list. This list will not be complete if BTS is not included. With the members V, Jimin, RM, J-Hope, Jin, Suga, and Jungkook taking the world by a storm, topping this list is not at all surprising. The hottest Kpop Boy Group in the world, BTS, has earned $55.1 million through commercials alone this year. The group has won the artist of the year in the American Music Awards of 2021. They have also been nominated in the Grammy Awards for the Best Pop Group.

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