These 3 Zodiac Signs Are The Best Liars, So Don’t Believe Everything They Say

If you were to say you’ve never told a lie, you’d be lying. Admit it. At some point or another, we’ve all done it. Whether you’ve lied to your mother about where you’re really going or you’ve lied to your friend in order to protect their feelings, there have been times where you avoided the truth in order to make your life easier. And even though none of us are the pure embodiment of honesty and virtue, there are those of us who are simply better at telling a believable lie than others. In fact, these zodiac signs are the best liars of all: Gemini, Scorpio, and Aquarius. Whether it’s their sun sign, rising sign, or Mercury sign, these zodiac signs are capable of telling lies that could convince even the most skeptical people of us all.

While lying is an inarguably nasty habit and the truth almost always sets you free, no one really expects you to be 100 percent honest about everything, all the time. If they did, wouldn’t that be kind of creepy? I mean, there are just some things in life that you keep should close to the chest, a few unbearable thoughts that are best if they remain unheard. No one understands that better than these zodiac signs, who can use their lying talents for better (or for worse).

Gemini: They Know Exactly What You Want To Hear

A Gemini is the shapeshifter of the zodiac, and they can embody their lies so well that they might as well be nominated for an Oscar. Capable of transitioning into a different character at the drop of a hat, a Gemini can state any set of words and make them believable. Whether they agree with these words, a Gemini can trick their minds into believing that their statements are true. And if they believe their BS, why shouldn’t you? If a Gemini wanted to, they could easily make everyone — even their enemies — adore them, all with their simple and effective talent for telling a brilliant lie. The deadliest Gemini is capable of changing their stance as easily as changing their outfit.

Scorpio: They Can Cover Their Tracks No Matter What

A Scorpio is always taking note of everything and investigating every situation with the eye of a master manipulator. If they do something that’s not necessarily "ethical," they’ve already plotted out every single angle of the lie they’re going to tell in order to avoid getting caught. In fact, they can create a lie that’s so detailed, three-dimensional, and possibly even supported by a well-constructed alibi, that they themselves have no trouble sticking by it. Even if they’re ever caught in a lie, their ability to avoid admitting the truth for as long as they can is likely to convince even the most suspicious person of their absolute honesty. You might even be surprised by their spot on this list.

Aquarius: They Understand How To Control People

An Aquarius is known for being a protector of the community and a healer of the collective. However, their ability to instantly read a total stranger and size them up makes them especially effective at lying. Telling one intelligent lie after another in order to maintain control over the people that surround them, an Aquarius can easily make themselves ruler over any crowd. Their lies can target your vulnerabilities and compliment your idea of comfort and safety, convincing you to trust every word they say. Their ego is deep and grandiose, although most would never know it because they’re too busy being charmed by the lies that an Aquarius can tell.

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