These hilarious puppy pictures will leave you begging fur more

Pup-erly adorable! Social media users share snaps of their dogs’ quirky moments – from a Golden Retriever in the dishwasher to a corgi napping on the windowsill

  • People have shared adorable and fun pictures of puppies on US site Daily Stuff
  • One pup was stuck in a hug with two very affectionate cats who wouldn’t let go 
  • A sandy Golden Retriever covered in mud seemed very pleased with himself 

Social media users from around the world have shared photos of adorable dogs caught in quirky situations. 

Pet lovers snapped their playful pups getting up to mischief, from a Golden Retriever sitting in the dishwasher to a Corgi sprawled out on a windowsill. The best examples were shared on American website Daily Stuff.  

One of the cute photos shows a puppy cuddling up with a nesting hen, while another shows a dog with a face full of mud.  

Here, FEMAIL shares some of the most adorable examples… 

People have shared quirky and adorable pictures of their dogs on the American website The Daily Stuff. Pictured: A puppy being brooded by a hen next to her chick   

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This baby Corgi assumed a very peculiar position as it enjoyed a nap by their owner’s window, pictured 

Not sure this is dish-washable! A pup Golden Retriever cheekily sat on the door of their owner’s dishwasher  

What happened there! A pup looked slightly alarmed when their owner captured them after they reduced a toy in their cage to shreds of fluff

A German Shepherd who was wearing the cone of shame had salt added to the injury when the family cat decided to sit on his face

Time for a bath. This Golden Retriever seemed very pleased with himself with his paws and snout covered in mud 

So cute! Only two of these four English Bulldog pups managed to stay put in their dog bed, and two fell asleep on the floor 

Who’s a good boy! This pup joined his paws together and gave the camera his best smile for an adorable picture

We’re not sure the black cat this pup is sitting on is very happy with the sitting arrangement in the picture 

On the fence! This poor pup managed to get stuck between some green fabric and a metal fence pictured

Working like a dog! This pup enjoyed a nap on their owner’s desk while they were busy at work, pictured

Back to school! This King Charles pup looked timid as they sat in a pupil’s share at school and hid behind the built-in desk 

Caught red pawed! This little had nowhere to hide after ripping a pillow to shreds during some illicit playtime 

This little put on the right didn’t seem too pleased to be caught in a hug with two very friendly cats 

Happy pup-day! This big pup with a party hat on his head was very excited to celebrate his birthday

Whelp! This puppy was caught after spreading soil everywhere in the veranda, and his mother, right, didn’t seem impressed 

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