Toddler tries to fix 'Dumb and Dumber' haircut, makes things much worse

Having a truly awful haircut is a rite of passage. You have to go through it to learn how important it is to take proper care when getting a chop.

Lottie Taylor, two, has learned this lesson earlier than most.

Her mum, Becci, was left mortified when she accidentally gave her little girl a ‘Dumb and Dumber’ haircut with a too-short fringe.

There was nothing that could be done apart from waiting for Lottie’s hair to grow back, but the toddler had other ideas.

The next morning, clearly determined to fix her mum’s mistakes, Lottie nicked a pair of scissors and cut the middle part of her fringe right off. Oh dear.

Lottie’s creativity was spotted by dad Luke, who woke up for work and saw scissors and hair scattered across the floor.

When Becci tried to tell Lottie off for what she’d done, the little girl said she was just making herself ‘more beautiful’. Fair play.

Becci, of Haywards Heath, West Sussex, said: ‘Lottie’s fringe was getting really long and getting in her eyes so while she was in the bath I thought I would cut her hair.

‘I’ve cut her fringe before but obviously not that short.

‘She was swimming around in the bath as I was trying to cut it. I made one cut and I knew it was too short but I had to just go with it.

‘I couldn’t stop laughing. When she was out of the bath and her hair was dry I was like “oh my god”. She really did look like the character from Dumb and Dumber.

‘I sent a picture to my husband and he just replied “what have you done to her hair?”. We thought it was hilarious. I showed everyone.’

Lottie waited until her parents had gone to sleep before she made an attempt to fix her mum’s handiwork.

While the final look might not be to many people’s tastes, Lottie insists she loves it, having bragged about her new style to the other children at nursery.

‘She cut a big chunk right out of the middle of her fringe,’ says Becci. ‘There’s just this big really short patch.

‘She was very lucky she didn’t cut her fingers.

‘I think she was trying to make it better. It’s like she was thinking she could do a better job than I had.

‘When I saw her I just couldn’t believe it. Not only did she have a Dumb and Dumber haircut, now it was even worse.

‘I told her off and asked “why did you cut your hair? That’s really naughty” and she told me she wanted to look more beautiful.

‘She loves it. She’s really proud of herself. She went into nursery and proudly told everyone that she cut her own hair.

‘She is such a character. She’s very sassy.

‘Everyone thinks it’s hilarious. Her grandmother was absolutely wetting herself when we showed her.’

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