Ikea will only use recycled polyester in textile products by 2020

Ikea is taking another step to be more environmentally conscious.

This week they announced plans to use only recycled polyester in textile products, rather than making new polyester each time, by 2020.

That’s a big deal, because it’s part of Ikea’s plan to become a circular business, meaning that materials are recycled rather than being chucked away and there’s no waste produced.

By switching from virgin polyester to recycled, Ikea will help lower greenhouse gas emissions, save energy, and decrease pollution of landfills and oceans. Sounds good.

At the moment, 50% of the brand’s textile products are made of recycled polyester, but in the next few months Ikea plans to make this 100%.

Already today Ikea uses the equivalent of 5 billion collected and recycled bottles in its textile product range.

Nils Månsson, material & innovation deployment leader at Ikea, said: ‘We realise that aiming to replace all virgin polyester with recycled by 2020 is a bold target, and we know that it´s not an easy road ahead of us.

‘But we are committed to ending our dependency on virgin fossil materials by 2030, and this is one important step on the way.

‘From our own history we know that when we overcome challenges it becomes opportunities.

‘By recycling PET products, we’re giving them a second life. We also hope to inspire others to follow for a greater positive impact on people and planet.’

If you ask us, this is just another reason to do an Ikea trip this weekend.

We might wait until the vegan meatballs are out for the most joy we’ve ever felt furniture shopping.

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