UK could be hit with heatwave next week as hot air from Spain travels north

Next week temperatures in the UK are set to rise to 30C due to hot air from Spain moving northwards.

A Met Office weather chart shows it could get warmer across the UK from next Wednesday and into the high 20Cs or low 30Cs for the south of the UK.

Ahead of that this weekend there is set again to be a north-south divide with heavy rain and high winds for Saturday in the north west of the UK due to a low pressure from ex-tropical storm Alex, reports the Mirror.

But in the South East there is likely to be plenty of sunshine with highs of 23C.

"Will the weather warm up next week then the short answer is yes in many places. Will it be a heatwave, will it be a headline grabbing scorcher, well the less exciting answer is that it is simply too early to tell,” said Met Office presenter Aidan McGivern.

“If you’re in Scotland or Northern Ireland this weekend you might be wondering where on earth summer has gone because this area of low pressure, unseasonably deep for the time of year, is passing close by and that’s bringing a very windy and in places a very wet weekend to northern parts of the country.

"Some showers further south but through the weekend and actually into the start of next week the winds will be lighter in the south and there will be fewer showers.”

Looking further ahead he continued: "Heat is building across Spain and that heat pushes into France and by the middle of next week it is not far away, in fact the northern part of that starts to influence the UK so by all areas of the middle of next week starting to warm up."

For Saturday, June 18, Mr McGivern said it “shows the plume of warmth expending widely across the UK but the darkest reds there for southern areas."

He explained: “These kinds of colours would indicate temperatures in the south up into the high 20Cs and perhaps the low 30Cs but further north, surface temperatures low to mid 20Cs so warmer across the board.

"If this happened but it is a big if as it is eight days out and this is just one computer run.”

Looking back at this weekend, though, it is gloomy for the north west of the UK.

"Some wet weather and some windy weather to the north west, especially western Scotland, treacherous conditions over the hills and mountains of west Scotland, the West Highlands seeing heavy rain at times and winds touching gale force 50mph wind gusts towards the far north west and feeling cool," said Mr McGivern.

"But a better chance of brighter spells in between the showers for England and Wales and for the far south east, we avoid the showers, we see some sunny spells, and out of the wind, feeling warm 23C."

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