Waitress treated like ‘object’ as she earns more tips when wearing skirt

A waitress has revealed that she gets treated “better” and earns more tips if she is wearing a skirt compared to when she wears trousers.

Niamh has claimed that the extra cash given to her by customers depends on the attire she has on and feels like she is treated as an “object”.

The young server took to TikTok to share her thoughts about her job, and has quickly racked up 532,000 views.

She feels as if wearing a skirt to work causes her to be "sexualised" after finding people were more likely to offer her a tip.

As she donned a short black skirt along with a matching top, tights and trainers, Niamh shared her “sad” revelation.

The waitress wrote: “The sad and true fact about waitressing is that I will get treated better and tipped more today because of what I am wearing than when I had trousers on yesterday, no matter if my level of service changes.

“We are all simply objects and the better I look the more respect I’ll get.”

She captioned the post: “The sexualisation of a waitress.”

It turns out Niamh is not the only one to experience a change in attitude from customers depending on if she is wearing a skirt.

Many other women fled to the comments to relate to her ordeal.

One person related: “Not wanting to put makeup on for work but knowing if you do customers will be way nicer.”

Another user added: “It’s very true, sadly.”

A third person voiced: “The way I get tipped more if I put on makeup and force myself to smile and laugh at everything they say.”

Someone else said: “Yup. Always made better tips if I wore lipstick and big earrings

And a fifth user declared: “I did an experiment at work once and I made 50% more tips when I wore makeup than when I didn’t…yuck.”

However, not everyone was in agreement with Niamh’s statement.

One user commented: “I found that people 90% of the time go into a restaurant already planning to tip a certain amount… a lot of time what you do doesn’t even matter.”

A second penned: “I’m gonna be honest, I couldn't care what a waiter or waitress is wearing. It’s about how polite they are.”

This person expressed: “Honestly? I work behind a bar, and get tipped SO much more if I make an effort to smile than if I don’t, regardless of what I’m wearing.”

As a fourth noted: “Actually I’ve started wearing pants and stopped wearing makeup and my tips are about the same. Maybe it depends on where you work?”

Meanwhile, someone else wrote: “All about the service for me.”

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