Woman, 19, gets compared to middle-aged mum for her ‘awkward’ marriage comments

When you share details about your relationship online, you better be sure you've got a thick skin.

One proud wife's idea if "marriage goals" is proving to be a huge number of people's worst domestic nightmare.

Brylea Langley, from Texas, recently shared her feelings about marriage online.

While she had a few cheerleaders in the comments, her views also prompted a massive backlash.

So what did she say that was so awful?

Taking to Twitter , Brylea wrote: "I was raised to take care of my husband make his plate every night, wash his work clothes for him, make sure he's up for work the next morning, always have a clean house for him to come home to, etc. and that's exactly wife I will be."

Her detractors were quick to hit back.

Brylea was quickly labelled "old fashioned", with one person responding: "Sounds like you were raised to be his mom."

Another added: "Sooooo do you get to pursue any hobbies or passions or is your full time job being a mother to a fully grown adult man?"

The "mum" comparisons just kept rolling in.

"So you were raised to parent your husband?" read another.

Others also raised concerns about Brylea's self-esteem.

"I'm a stay at home mom and my husband doesn't treat me like we're in the fifties," wrote one woman. "He knows he's a grown man who can depend on himself if I do not cook or clean on some days. He doesn't make demands. Ladies know your worth…"

But Brylea did have her supporters too. One even referred to her as her "soul twin".

And another made a fair point, saying: "I thought feminism was about letting women have the power to choose? As far as I can tell this lady isn't trying to push her agenda on anyone. It's just her own values affecting her own life."

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