Woman cleans up sister’s disgusting bedroom with dozens of pee bottles on floor

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A woman was left disgusted when she moved into her sister's bedroom to find it filled with hordes of rubbish and dozens of plastic pee bottle.

Colleen Cameron, from Massachusetts in US, said her sibling took over her room when she left for university and had to stay in her sister's old bedroom.

She documented the horror state of the room and shared it on TikTok, saying: "When I left for college, my sister took over my bedroom and left me with her gross one in the bedroom.

"So here I am cleaning it and turning it into mine!"

In the clip viewed more than 6.6 million times, Colleen walks down to the room in the basement, with piles of unwashed clothes blocking the stairs and the floor.

The room is filled with rubbish, food scraps, random chest of drawers and empty water bottles on the carpet.

But as she digs deeper around the room, she finds more water bottles hidden under the bed and it's all filled with urine.

She wrote in the post: "Why so many pee bottles though? This was gross!"

Colleen spent four hours throwing away the rubbish and cleaning the room, as well as gathering the dirty laundry in bags and removing the unwanted goods.

She put up a tapestry on the wall and decorated it with lights as a final touch.

While viewers were impressed by her clean-up job, others were more horrified by the number of "pee bottles" found in the room.

One asked: "Who is p***ing in bottles in the basement? Just go to the bathroom!"

Another wondered: "Am I the only one confused how she managed to pee in a bottle, like what?"

"That room is a biohazard risk!" a third added.

Colleen updated the viewers in a follow-up post, explaining that the pee bottles were actually her sister's boyfriend.

She said: "Why? Not sure, I guess he was lazy which yes I know, is disgusting. Also not sure why the room wasn't cleaned up beforehand but here I am."

She also pointed out that the toilet is just right around the corner of the bedroom.

Later, Colleen went to check her old bedroom, which is now occupied by her sister, and said: "Yes, it is now a mess too."

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