Backpacker reveals her most overrated travel destinations

Backpacker warns against travelling to these ‘expensive and overrated’ popular holiday destinations – but does she have a point?

  • Alex, 26, revealed the two popular destinations she believes are overrated
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An Australian backpacker has revealed the two popular travel destinations she believes are overrated.

Alex, 26, who goes by @alexinsummer on TikTok, is a travel content creator who documents her journey backpacking on social media.

She told viewers: ‘These are the most overrated travel destinations. I’m so sorry if this ruins your travel plans but I’m just here to help’.

Read on to find out the places the TikToker thinks are overhyped and where you should go instead. 

Alex, 26, who goes by @alexinsummer on TikTok , is a travel content creator who documents her journey backpacking on social media

El Nido, Philippines

Alex explained: ‘The first one is El Nido in the Philippines. Don’t get me wrong, I like the Philippines.

‘It’s beautiful, it’s got some blue a** water but it is crowded and honestly, it all kinda [sic] looks the same.

‘It’s also expensive, I think people going to the Philippines are like ‘oh my God’, it’s going to be this super cheap holiday just because it’s in south east Asia.’

The Australian added: ‘Every person that I have spoken to that have travelled south east Asia has said that the Philippines minus Singapore is the most expensive south east Asian country they have ever travelled to.

‘I’m so happy that the Philippines was the first one I did, like a long trip back in March, because I was like zdamn these prices are kinda [sic] wild for what you’re getting.’

But if you do go, she recommends exploring Coron over El Nido and is ‘really excited to go to Sirgoa’: ‘I have heard that it is just the most incredible place ever so I’m definitely down to go there.’

Alex, 26, who goes by @alexinsummer on TikTok , is a travel content creator who documents her journey backpacking on social media

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One viewer commented: ‘How different are the prices compared to Thailand, like in food activities bike rental, etc?’ to which she replies: ‘Thailand is way cheaper!’

Another added: ‘Currently in Siargao and unfortunately feel it’s super overrated’.

Meanwhile, someone else penned: ‘I personally liked El Nido a lot. Prices were okay too’.

Paris, France  

In the second video, Alex talks about the city of love – Paris.

She told viewers: ‘Now, I actually used to live in Paris and this place still has a weird, wholesome place in my heart.

‘But it is not this beautiful, idyllic, romanticized place that a lot of people make it out to be.

‘During the winter it is grey, it is cold, it is windy and during the summer I would say it is really beautiful, however it is completely packed.’

She added: ‘There is no air conditioning so have fun on the Metro – there are gonna be some interesting aromas in the air and yes of course it’s dirty, it’s a big city.

‘I would say that Paris, similar to London, is going to give you a very different experience based on how much money you have.

‘Like I said, I still love Paris and I definitely recommend going. If you’re gonna go, go in like September, October.

‘It’s not too cold, it’s not too hot, it’s not as crowded. It’s really pretty so definitely go but do not be disappointed if it is not everything you made it out to be in your head.’

It comes just after Paris placed near the bottom of the table in the Which? survey of the UK’s favourite European city breaks.

The consumer champion asked more than 1,600 of its members to rate their experiences of 31 popular cities across Europe to create the list.

Each location was rated out of five on seven criteria – food and drink, accommodation, cultural sights and attractions, shopping, ease of getting around, lack of crowds and value for money. An overall customer score was calculated based on overall satisfaction and likeliness to recommend.

Paris ranks low down in the table, garnering 79 per cent in joint 12th with Athens, meanwhile Krakow, Poland, and Valencia, Spain share the crown with their ‘impressive’ 92 per cent scores.

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