American woman leaves Brits in ‘horror’ over way she eats fish and chips

An American woman, known as @amberkacherian on TikTok, has left Brits in “horror” for her unusual way of eating fish and chips.

She visited a British-themed restaurant in Utah called Little Taste of Britain and filmed herself trying the classic dish for the first time.

In the video, she said: “We have found an authentic British restaurant in America, let’s go and check it out.”

She continued: “So the interior is decorated like the UK with each booth representing a different town in the UK, and of course, I couldn’t resist going to play in the phone booth.

“There’s lots of British china and decorations, and of course, we can’t forget the picture of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth. Here’s the menu, time to try the British food. I got the fish and chips of course.”

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God Save the Queen – U.K – Ian Post

In the clip, Amber seemed to enjoy the meal, exclaiming: “This is good fish”.

However, she raised eyebrows when she picked up the fish with her fingers and ate it like a burger, instead of using cutlery or the small wooden forks often provided with takeaway fish and chips in the UK.

Amber was puzzled not only about how to eat the dish but also what to do with the vinegar, which is typically sprinkled over fish and chips along with salt.

She asked: “The fish and chips comes with vinegar, but what exactly is the vinegar for? Do you put it on the fish or do you put it on the chips, we’re not really sure.”

Her friend, who joined her on the trip tried dipping a chip into the vinegar pot, which he didn’t like at all and spat out because of its sharp taste.

She then questioned the purpose of mushy peas, asking: “Why mush them? Why not just eat them whole, like in regular pea form?”

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Amber also sampled other traditional British meals, including bangers and mash, Shepherd’s Pie, as well as Spotted Dick and Sticky Toffee Pudding, all washed down with a variety of British beverages such as the Scottish favourite Irn Bru.

To wrap up the video, Amber said: “We liked some of it, but some of it – not so much,” but her TikTok followers had plenty to say about Amber’s experience and her eating habits.

One person commented: “OMG! The horror of eating the fish with your hands.”

Another added: “Can we talk about the fact she isn’t using cutlery with fish?”, while someone else chimed in: “was prepared to mock its authenticity? But the fish and chips looked banging but WHY DID YOU PICK IT UP WITH YOUR HANDS.”

Another user exclaimed: “Being British I nearly had a heart attack when you dipped the chips in the vinegar.”

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