I’ve found the best hack to get rid of condensation on my windows, and it even works in my car… it’s so cheap too | The Sun

CONDENSATION on windows in the morning is a problem that affects a lot of us at this time of year.

And while a dehumidifier seems to be the most suggested solution to the issue, they can be pricey – and people don't want to splash out during a cost of living crisis.

So one woman has revealed the cheap as chips method she's been using to keep condensation at bay – and it even works on her car too.

She made her suggestion after a woman took to the Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips group on Facebook to share pictures of her condensation-covered windows.

"I have a council property and the condensation on my windows is awful they are always so wet in the morning," she wrote alongside the snaps.

"They wipe them off everyday but it just looks awful.

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"There is no change they are getting replaced….. is there anything I can do?"

People took to the comments to share the ways they've helped with the condensation problem.

And one woman wrote: "Cat litter in a sock is the cheapest.

"Good to put on the dashboard in the car overnight as well!"

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"Cat litter in a sock put that on window sill it absorbs the water," another agreed.

"I've read that absorbent cat litter placed in the legs of tights and placed on windowsills works but I've not tried it," someone else commented.

"I also live in a Park home and use a Karcher to clear my windows each morning.

"Since having venetian blinds that fit to the windows (as well as curtains) it is worse behind the blinds!"

"This is a common problem in most homes sadly, you have to get into the habit of wiping them off daily," another wrote.

"I keep all my windows open a little, more so if I have washing drying," someone else commented.

"It really does work.

"Unfortunately this will still happen when you have your window replaced if not left open."

"There must be a ventilation problem?" another questioned.

"Properties should have an air brick built in to ventilate them. I’ve never had this problem in any of my houses and I’ve owned a brand new house in the 70s, a 100+ year old stone walled cottage in the 80s and my present house was also built in the 70s.

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"We always leave the bathroom window slightly open after a bath/shower.

"If it’s owned by the council you should be reporting it to them until it’s sorted."

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