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A FLIGHT attendant has revealed how passengers can get freebies and better treatment on board planes.

President of the Flight Attendants’ Association of New Zealand, Craig Featherby told Stuff the two reasons passengers will be eligible for in-flight freebies.

The cabin crew member from Air New Zealand explained that crew will sometimes show special treatment to passengers who are celebrating a special occasion.

He said: "Just last week, I went to Brisbane and back and we had somebody celebrate 50 years, so we took two glasses of champagne from business (class) into economy."

The crew member explained how many airlines give their staff the tools and the authority to go above and beyond.

Another reason passengers have been given star treatment is if they help out during a situation onboard.

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Craig recalled a sad moment they had with a woman who lost her baby during the flight, and offered an upgrade to the doctor who helped.

He said: "A few years ago, I had a medical where unfortunately a baby was lost on board, and there was a doctor on board.

"I had the seats available so I moved him into business class, and I told all the other customers in business premier why I was doing that so they knew what was going on."

He also acknowledged how flight attendants will often go above and beyond for their passengers.

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Members of cabin crew who receive small gifts, such as chocolate and cards, will often reciprocate their appreciate with a free glass of wine for the passenger.

The Air New Zealand flight attendant isn't the only one to have suggested bringing gifts for your cabin crew.

A cabin crew member from Air Canada explained that by giving a little yourself, you can sometimes result in preferential treatment for passengers including extra legroom seats.

Shawn Kathleen, a retired flight attendant who spent seven years on the job, said it could even get you free drinks on your flight.

She told Sfgate: "Bring them chocolate. Bring them candy. It's a few bucks just to say thanks. I guarantee you'll get free drinks with that. One hundred per cent."

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