I’m a frequent flyer and this is how I always get a row to myself on planes

CATCHING a flight can be exciting – until you get stuck in the dreaded middle seat on the plane.

Being stuck with a passenger on either side of you means the middle seat is often avoided and can seriously impact how enjoyable your flight if stuck there.

But getting stuck in the middle seat may be a thing of the past.

A frequent flyer has revealed how he always gets an entire row to himself when he travels, and can lie flat for whole journeys.

The key is to book your seat as late as you can.

Marlon Misra explained via online forum Quora to share his tip.

He wrote: "If you're traveling on an unpopular flight, select your seat as late as possible.

"This way you can choose a seat where the remaining row is free.

"I've had a lot of success doing this. A few times I had rows – three seats – completely empty which meant that I could lie almost flat on entire flights."

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Marlon also recommended that once you've chosen your seat and you know you've got the row to yourself, board the plane last.

He wrote: "Be the last person that boards. I've never understood why so many people rush to line up."

In contrast to Marlon's advice, another frequent flyer said that boarding the plane first is the smartest choice because it saves you time in the long run.

Ashwin Krishnan said that if you are the first to board, you can put your hand luggage in the overhead bin directly above your seat.

That means, when it comes to exiting the plane, you can leave quickly and don't have to wait for other people to move before you can grab your bag.

First isn't always best though – as a travel expert has shared that some people are paying to board the plane last instead.

Here's why you should always pick the worst seat on the plane.

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