I'm a hotel expert and we have two ways of dealing with rude guests | The Sun

BEFORE you lose your temper at hotel staff, you might want to try and act a bit kinder.

A hotel expert has revealed the two ways they react to rude guests – and it's not pretty.

Sun Online Travel spoke to hotel expert and author Jacob Tomsky, who worked in hospitality for more than ten years.

He’s worked every hotel job you can think of – from front desk to housekeeping, and he revealed that room service is the department guests should always stay on the good side of.

He told us: “If you upset room service then they could spit in your food – the same as in any restaurant."

He continued: “It’s not just about being polite to room service though. Hotels are a hierarchy.

“Staff definitely talk about guests – you’d be naive to think otherwise. It’s one of our few pleasures.

"News will spread very quickly through the hotel about horrible guests.”



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And Jacob has confirmed another way revenge will be taken on guests who have behaved badly – which could mean your food turns up late.

He continued: “If you’re rude to someone who works in, for example, housekeeping, she will certainly go to room service and let them know.

“Maybe she’s dating someone who works in the kitchen downstairs.

“Any food you order to your room – breakfast or a midnight snack – will certainly turn up late.

“It could have had worse things done to it than that too.”

,Jacob also revealed the ways that hotel reception staff get back at rude guests – including deactivating your key.

And here is the gross reason you should always wear the hotel slippers.

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