I'm a hotel worker and customers always ask the same thing at check in

A HOTEL worker has revealed the one thing customers always ask when they check in – and how annoying they find it.

Andréa DiBruno explained that hotel guests are always concerned about the same thing when they arrive for a night away.

She shared a video on her Tiktok account in response to the question: "If you work in customer service, what's the one thing you never thought you'd have to explain to an adult?"

Andrea revealed that the worst thing guests can do is get angry when being asked for their credit or debit card at the front desk, as many don't understand why it is needed.

She said: "This goes out to all my hotel workers, especially the front desk.

"Also goes out to the people who want to book a hotel room to get away for the weekend with your girlfriend, your boyfriend, your husband, your wife, your Tinder gate to get that one night stand in – this is for you.

"When you go check in at the hotel, the front desk agent will ask you for your ID and your credit or debit card.

"We'll do a transaction with your card. We will be authorising your payment, not charging. Yes, there is a difference.

"The authorisation is a temporary hold.

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"The hotels you stay at will authorise an insurance fee – call it incidentals. Range from $50-$100 a night depending on how boujee the place is.

"Incidentals means if you break it you buy it. You're gonna get it back. We ain't charging it. Take a few business days but you'll get it back.

"Stop yelling at us when we ask for your card."

The video has been watched nearly 1,500 times, and viewers are in agreement with Andréa.

One person commented: "I'm so sick of explaining this to guests… like how many hotels have you stayed at because you should know this by now."

Another wrote: "Omg I'm so tired of explaining this to people."

A third said: "Should have this Tiktok on repeat at check in!"

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