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A PASSENGER has divided opinion by claiming to have a "hack" to get extra drinks on planes.

Getting free stuff during a flight is always a pleasant surprise and there are ways to get the cabin crew to give us more than they're supposed to.

However, not everyone's plane "hacks" are quite as genius as they make them out to be.

One of those came from Tiktoker Ali Spagnola (@alispagnola), who shared a video claiming to show people how to get extra drinks during a flight.

In the video she claimed that by ordering an Irish coffee, passengers will end up with a coffee, a whisky and a Bailey's instead of just one drink.

She said: "Here's a hack to get three drinks on an airplane when they usually only serve one.

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"Order just one Irish coffee. That's Bailey's, whisky and coffee. Cheers!"

Some people did think the hack was a clever one and suggested they'd be trying it next time they flew, with one saying: "Genius! Plus great taste!"

However, a lot of people weren't convinced by Ali's "hack" suggesting it solved a problem that didn't exist.

One wrote: "I always ask to buy two. Never have a problem."

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Another said: "What airline only gives one? I get 3 or 4 whenever I fly."

Others also questioned the recipe she was following, claiming not all her ingredients were actually in an Irish coffee.

One said: "What are you talking about? Irish coffee do not have Baileys."

There are ways to increase your chances of getting more drinks from the flight attendants, however, including how you dress.

A JetBlue flight attendant, who remained anonymous, told The Points Guy: "Presentation matters. Now I’m not saying you’ll get into Mint or a premium cabin on another airline simply for how you’re dressed. That’s a myth.

"However, you can control how you’re perceived and how you present yourself. Well-mannered passengers improve their odds at having the beverage cart stop a few extra times by their seat when thirsty."

Shawn Kathleen, a retired flight attendant who spent seven years on the job, said that she would often give free stuff to people who had given her small gifts to show appreciation.

She told Sfgate: "Bring them chocolate. Bring them candy. It's a few bucks just to say thanks.

"A lot of people send me images where they'll have them sitting out on their tray table and I always think that's awesome.

"I guarantee you'll get free drinks with that. One hundred per cent."

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