Passenger slammed for VERY rude technique to get more legroom during flight | The Sun

A WOMAN was left stunned after the passenger next to her had a very rude way to get extra legroom during a flight.

Posting on Reddit, people were divided about the situation.

The woman shared an image of her legs during a flight in economy.

In the picture, her legs are tightly together, while the stranger next to her had put his legs in her own footwell.

She wrote: "At least it was was a short flight."

However, people were left stunned by how rude the man was for taking up her space just to get some extra legroom.

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One person wrote: "What kind of man does this to a lady? She’s already stuck in the middle seat."

Another agreed: "See naw I'm a 6'4 190lb grown dude and I still stay inside my seat f*** people that do that."

A third simply said: "Generally speaking, I hate people."

Some people said she should have done something about it.

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One wrote: "I don't understand why people don't speak up. If they say no then they can chat with a flight attendant about it."

But most people said they would also feel uncomfortable having to raise the issue during the flight.

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