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TRYING to choose the best seat on the plane can be tricky, depending on if you want the aisle or the window.

But there is one seat you can never book on a plane, even if it's empty.

Flight attendants get their own seat during take-off and landing, which is the jumpseat at the front of the cabin.

However, passengers are not allowed to sit in this seat on a plane.

According to the Cabin Safety website: "There are a couple of regulations involved, and ultimately the answer is no, a passenger cannot sit in a flight attendant jumpseat for takeoff and landing under normal circumstances.

"For starters, airlines cannot sell unoccupied flight attendant jumpseat positions to passengers.

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"The seating capacity doesn’t consider flight attendant jumpseats as passenger seats."

It also explains that the jumpseat has a different seatbelt – with an extra harness strap – which passengers have not been trained to use properly.

A former flight attendant backed this up, explaining on TripAdvisor: "Commonly they are restricted to those who hold current Flight Crew certification which means, in most cases, your cabin crew.

"But depending on airline or region, can also include flight deck personnel as well as management personnel of these two groups."

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Another person added: "Friends of mine have but they have been off duty aircrew or related to aircrew and travelling on a standby ticket."

Other airline staff are also allowed to sit in it, such as off-duty flight attendants.

Called deadheading it means you could see a member of the crew in their uniform who isn't able to help you.

This is because they are not in service, but are flying to their home base or flying to another airport for another flight.

A travel expert has revealed why you should always book the dreaded middle seat.

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The middle seat is also the safest in a plane crash, according to a recent study, if sitting at the back of the plane.

Seasoned traveller John Burfitt said booking the window seat at the back of the aircraft next to the toilets makes your plane journey much more peaceful.

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