Woman forced to 'jump' into the sea after two ferries in Ibiza nearly crash into each other

A WOMAN was forced to jump from a boat after a near-crash between two ferries in Ibiza.

The two boats narrowly avoided colliding after both sailing on the Es Freus Marine Reserve.

A video captured the heart-stopping moment which saw the 1,000 passenger Bahama Mama ferry almost hit the smaller Kontiki II boat.

The Bahama Mama runs between Denia, Ibiza and Palma, while the Kontiki II runs between Formentera and Ibiza.

In the video, passengers on the smaller boat can be heard panicking as the larger ferry sounds their horn.

As one of the women screams, the boat appears to go past and narrowly avoids the crash.

A later video shows a woman in the water, swimming in the waves of the boat, who reportedly jumped from the ship.

She was later confirmed to be unharmed.

In a video on Twitter, it is captioned: "David v Goliath out here as little 'Kontiki II' crosses paths with Balearia's 'Bahama Mama' behemoth in es Freus, between Ibiza and Formentera."

According to the Olive Press, the Kontiki II captain has since been fired.

A spokesperson told the newspaper: "Clients should not have to live a situation like the one that occurred yesterday."

A Balearia spokesperson, who owns the Bahama Mama, claimed it blasted their foghorn and turned off all engines.

An investigation has been launched by the Commission of Investigation of Accidents and Maritime Incidents (CIAIM).

Earlier this year, a passenger leapt from the 11th floor of a cruise ship into the water.

He was later removed from the ship and banned for life along with his companions.

Another couple faced cruise problems after they arrived too late and were left behind on land.

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