Jeff Lewis Reveals His Brief Secret Reunion With Ex Gage Edward ‘Didn’t Work Out’

In the latest episode of his radio show, the former star of ‘Flipping Out’ claims that he and his ex-partner are ‘able to heal’ though the relationship didn’t work out.

AceShowbizJeff Lewis has spilled on never-before-heard details of his love life. In a new candid conversation, the former “Flipping Out” star revealed that his brief secret reunion with ex Gage Edward “didn’t work out.”

“After I broke up with [Scott Anderson], about a month later Gage and I started dating. We went on probably about 12 dates, and we also spent a lot of time with [daughter] Monroe and all of that. It was cool, like I was having a great time,” the 51-year-old reality star explained during his SiriusXM radio show on Wednesday, July 21. He continued to share, “I felt like wow, maybe my family is coming back together. I was having a nice time. I thought we were doing well.”

Jeff and Gage’s relationship, however, fizzled out. “And then he started pulling away, which is what he used to do. And I didn’t understand it,” he remembered. “And he was very hot and cold. He explained that he didn’t talk about it because even he didn’t know what it was or where their relationship was heading.”

“I didn’t bring it up at the time because I didn’t really know what it was. I didn’t know what it was, and I wanted us to kind of quietly figure it out,” he went on sharing how he failed to comprehend the situation at the time.

Though the relationship didn’t work out, Jeff claimed, “The good news is we were able to heal.” When the Bravo star was asked what he had learned from the situation, he said he thought he was “the better communicator” of the pair, which ultimately led to their breakup. “We don’t speak the same language,” he admitted. “I felt like he wanted to fight, and I don’t want to fight.”

While Jeff believed that he has improved his communication skills, he said Gage was still the same way he was. “He just shuts down, withdraws and hide,” he shared. The radio host noted that he approached his 36-year-old former lover and told him how he felt, ” ‘I feel like you’re being very selective with your attention and affection, it feels very hot and cold. I’m feeling rejected.’ “

Jeff mentioned that the old him would have wanted an answer immediately, but he recalled that he told Gage, “It’s a lot of information, just marinate on it and then get back to me. And let’s discuss it.” He then stated that three days later his ex responded, “I think we should just be friends.”

Jeff and Gage share a daughter, 4-year-old Monroe, whom they welcomed via surrogate. They called it quits for the first time in February 2019 after a decade-long relationship. Back in May, he announced that they finally arrived at an arrangement where legal and physical custody would both be split 50/50 following 26 months of custody battle.

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