Jessica Alba Says Her Son Is Cuter Than Her Daughters

Burned skin mogul Jessica Alba sat down with Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show to talk about her life and career and new show LA’s Finest with Gabrielle Union. While she was sitting down with Jimmy she of course talked about her kids and her new baby, son Hayes, who she says is the “cutest” of her three kids.

Jessica’s daughters at home watching: “Oh… well fuck my drag, right?”

Jimmy started the interview by mentioning that since the last time Jessica was on the show she was pregnant with her third kid and gave birth to a baby boy. Her first boy, she previously had two daughters, 10-year-old Honor and 7-year-old Haven. And Jess is super excited about it:

“I mean he’s–he’s cuter than my daughters, for sure. He’s the cutest of the three.”

In fairness, Hayes is a baby and children are always cutest when they’re new and fresh and can’t talk back. Jimmy then showed us all a picture of Hayes in one of the Honest Company’s diapers striking a pose which stunned Jimmy, asking how she gets her child to pose in such a way. Jessica replied:

“It’s crazy, that’s just him, that’s just his personality. Of course, I have to use him for the Honest Company: he’s modeling our diapers–as I should.”

Bet he’s not modeling the sunscreen. Don’t worry daughters Honor and Haven, Jessica still has love for you, you’re just not as fresh as your brother. And clearly there’s no sibling rivalry from sister Haven who Jessica says is always holding:

“An American Girl Doll on one hip and Hayes on the other hip.”

Meanwhile Honor is more my style and is more interested in the drama at school:

“She likes to talk about drama, and I’m like: ‘Honor, we don’t really do drama.’ And she’s like: ‘Mom, but I love drama!’”

Team Honor all the way. Screw looking after a new baby. Give me the drama!

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