Love Island’s Faye says new house with Teddy is ‘pig sty’ as pair adjust to living together

Faye Winter has described her new house that she shares with boyfriend Teddy Soares as a “pig sty” after moving in this weekend.

The Love Island star took to Instagram on Tuesday to let her 1.2 million followers know about the current messy state of her place as the 26-year-old gets to grips with her new home.

Perched on her stairs make-up free wearing a hoodie with her hair pulled up in a bun, Faye looked relaxed in her surroundings as she gave an update on the house located in the capital.

“I’ve got to sort the house out today and do up grown up s***,” she said in a video uploaded to Instagram Stories.

“I’m going to take some before-and-after pictures of the room so that you can realise that it honestly looks like a pig sty.

“We just haven’t managed to unpack properly yet, we still haven’t got any of our furniture, we’re still sleeping on an air bed. Glam Life.”

The Devon-born beauty raised a peace sign to the camera, seemingly accepting of her current situation, showing off a much more easy-going demeanour than Love Island viewers saw of her on the show.

“Everyone thinks it’s going to be so f***ing glamorous and just think that you move in and it's automatically a show home,” she continued on in the video.

“It don’t work like that guys and nor would I want it to.

“This is why we chose the house we did so that we can go on an absolute bumpy journey together. Ain't going to be plain sailing, there’s a lot to do.

“It’s long. It’s a long process guys, but we’re willing to do it together and have you in on it too.”

Faye refers to her YouTube channel in the clip – which launched this week – focusing on interior design as the reality star invite fans in on her journey decorating her new home.

For now though, the influencer is happy to simply get used to her new place with boyfriend Teddy, as she revealed to her followers she’s just been “enjoying moving in together.”

It appears though, that this won’t be for long as Faye posted a photo of suitcases on Instagram Stories shortly afterwards.

“After living off these since the villa I can honestly say I’ve never been so happy to move something into a garage. So long suckers! Until next week,” she said, adding a sun emoji, suggesting a hot trip away soon.

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