Sideswipe: November 11: These vases look like they’re about to tell me off

Unwanted afro be gone

Looking to buy clippers for her husband’s lockdown locks, Christine came across this review on the Warehouse site. It reads: “Hair was getting bushy and ugly during lockdown and no way to visit the barber. No end in sight so needed to buy this to lop the unwanted afro off. Works good, just plug in, select desired length and go. Bit munted trying to do own back and sides, recommend getting a family or household member to assist although mine were too lazy and self-centered. But did the job it was supposed to and made me look more normal just in time for an outdoor gathering with mates.”

Shrinking jean pool

A reader writes: “When I was young, I hated button-up flies on my jeans, as it always seemed impossible to get the last two buttons done up. So, as an adult, I avoided buying button-up jeans and, hand on heart, it didn’t occur to me (suggestion by my incredulous wife) until I was in my late 40s, that it was actually very easy, as long as you start from the bottom and not the top!”

Keep your chin up

Most modern humans have a chin … Some of us have a double or a triple, but still only one with a solid bone structure behind it. What are they for other than to give our face some structure? One popular theory among physical anthropologists has been chins provide support to chewing as humans age and eat harder foods. But a recent article published in the Journal of Anatomy found that longitudinal studies of bone growth in chins did not support this idea, backing the theory that human chins became prominent when early humans had higher levels of testosterone, which impacts bone growth, especially in the skull. “As humans’ aggressive behaviour and testosterone levels dropped off, hormonal changes caused this large bone in the front of the human face to become sharper and angular – a chin.”

Are you allergic to allergies?

Kid logic

Conversation with my 6-year-old son:
Me: “So it’s your birthday soon, what shall we do?”
Son: “Have a surprise party.”
Me: “But it won’t be a surprise if you know about it.”
Son: “Don’t tell me then.”

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