I have a separate bedroom from my husband – people think it's weird but I HAVE to have my own space

WHAT'S the secret to a happy marriage? For some, it's all about honest and open communication while others stress the importance of having a social life outside your relationship.

But for TikTok user Tiffani Michelle, the key to being content in her marriage is having a space in her home that's completely hers.

Earlier this year, TikToker @flossybaby went viral when she joked it "didn't sit right" with her that married people traditionally share a room for the rest of their lives.

After that clip racked up 2.8m "likes", Tiffani responded with her own video where she explained her and her husband's unusual arrangement.

She explained: "So I used to worry about this all the time.

"I shared a room with my sister until 6th grade and then once I got my own room, I was like 'never again'.


"But then I grew up and I did meet someone who I wanted to marry."

However, Tiffani knew that having her own space was important to her mental health and overall happiness.

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She admitted: "I didn't know what to do."

Luckily, Tiffani and her husband did manage to work something out and the pair agreed she could have her own workspace – which also doubles up as a bedroom when she fancies it.

Admitting that some people find it weird, Tiffani says she describes the room as her "office" to most people – but she also uses it to store some clothes and lounge in.

What's more, her room also has a sink area where Tiffani can do her makeup and brush her teeth in the evenings.

Unsurprisingly, viewers were overwhelmingly supportive of Tiffani's set-up in the comments.

One wrote: "Getting married doesn’t mean you can’t have boundaries, or personal space. There isn’t one set way to have a marriage."

Another added: "Honestly, this needs to be normalized because we’re so often taught that sharing everything equals love and separation is bad."

A third replied: "OMG when me and my BF moved in together we got a 3-bedroom so we could have our own rooms and a room to sleep in together."

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