Mum uses £2 Elbow Grease spray to get stubborn dirt off kids’ clothes – and they look good as new – The Sun

A MUM has shared her handy tip for getting stubborn stains out of kids clothing – and it only costs £1.

Summer is the season of sticky ice lollies and the great outdoors – which can wreak havoc on children’s clothing.

All parents know the struggle of keeping outfits clean, and sometimes it can feel like all you do is laundry.

But mum-of-three Georgia Pritchard has shared her handy tip for getting even caked-on stains out of clothes.

Posting on Facebook group, Cleaning Hacks, Tips & Recommendations, Georgia shared incredible transformation photos.

Her two-year-old daughter’s unicorn-patterned white dress is covered in red patches, but it came out looking good as new after Georgia sprayed some Elbow Grease on it.

She captioned her post: “Before & After.

"My 2 year old always ends up with her clothes looking like this by the end of each day!

“All 3 kids clothes more or less likely look like this by the end of the day, this stuff is amazing.”

Georgia revealed all you do is spray the degreaser on to stains, then pop in the washing machine.

She added: “Just spray it on and wash as normal.”

Her handy tip is being hailed by parents online, with one person saying: “Love it for clothes.

“If it wasn't for this page I'd have never even heard of it.”

Also praising it, someone else wrote: “I use this on everything. I always put some in the drum with the powder too. It removes just about anything.”

A third added: “I need some of this stuff!”

  • Elbow Grease All Purp Degreaser, The Range, £1 – buy now


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