My sister wanted to call police after I babysat her kids & they lied about me not feeding them – I won't help her again

A KEY part of being an auntie means dropping everything to help out with childcare at a moment's notice – or at least that's how it works in our family.

So when this woman's sister turned to her for help looking after her two kids, she didn't think twice.

Posting on Reddit's 'Am I The A******' forum, the anonymous woman explained how her sister is a single mum and can't afford a babysitter for her seven-year-old son and baby girl.

Naturally, the woman has offered to look after the kids for free – but recently, her nephew has started acting up.

She explained: "There was an incident one day where the seven-year-old had gotten mad at me because I wouldn't let him jump on the couch.

"I explained to him he could get hurt, and he threw a tantrum, which was normal. Its what young kids do."


As such, the woman didn't think much of it and he eventually calmed down again.

But when his mum arrived home, the woman said her nephew started "bawling his eyes out and running towards her."

She continued: "He immediately starts on a rant about how I had a man in the house, and how neither him or his sister had eaten at all that day.

"My sister was rightfully p***** and started asking questions.

"I shook my head, said he was lying, and that she had cameras so we should probably sit down and watch them."

But rather than taking her sister's word for it, the mum refused and threatened to call the POLICE if she didn't leave then and there.

Understandably fuming, the woman returned home and received a grovelling apology from her sister a few hours later.

After looking at the video footage, the mum could clearly see that her son had refused to eat his dinner and no visitors had been to the house.

My nephew immediately starts on a rant about how I had a man in the house, and how neither him or his sister had eaten at all that day.

The woman continued: "She asked when could I come by next, as she hoped I understood the misunderstanding, but I said I would no longer be babysitting for her.

"She said that he's just seven and that kids lie all the time but I still refused. We went back and forth over the phone insulting each other, and that was that.

"Our mother thinks I'm being ridiculous for being mad at a kid, but it's more than that. I could've gotten in trouble if the police had shown up and he was saying what he said."

Needless to say, other members of the forum were quick to rally around the woman.

One replied: "You told her to check the cameras. She refused and threatened you with the police. She doesn't get to back track now and pretend everything is fine."

Another added: "This isn't about a 7 year old kid lying. It's about your sister's reaction to you when he did.

"Especially given the cameras and your very reasonable suggestion to watch the recordings."

"Most seven year olds wouldn’t lie to that severity," a third said. "His mother is allowing him to manipulate her and even threatened you with the police.

"She has already shown she will take his word over yours, so there is no reason you should watch him again."

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