Style Blogger Surprised with the Most Extra Scavenger Hunt Proposal Ever: Watch It Unfold

This lucky woman is getting the proposal of a lifetime.

Marissa Fuchs, the Goop Brand Partnership Director and budding fashion influencer behind the account Fashion Ambitionist, received a video message from her boyfriend Gabriel Grossman on Tuesday that kicked off an epic proposal scavenger hunt.

“Riss, I love you so much. You’re the most important person in the world to me. Which is why I have the most important question of my life to ask you. Problem is, we’re not really into traditional weddings. It’s not really our style,” Grossman said at the start of the video.

He continued: “So I thought what would Marissa want? How can I marry Marissa in way that would incorporate everything that’s important to her: love, adventure, travel, fashion, friends and family. But it would need to be an extraordinary adventure unlike any proposal ever seen. But I didn’t know how to do something like that. I figured it out. I guess you’ll see.”

Friends filmed Fuchs and uploaded her reaction (which included shock and tears) as she watched her boyfriend’s video, without any clue of the adventure she was about to take.

“You’re lying. What the f— is happening?!” Fuchs said as she broke down into tears. “What’s even happening? I’m confused! He’s proposing in my office? What is happening!”

But Grossman had even bigger plans than that.

“Just wait!” her friends said to her as she laughed and cried simultaneously. Shortly after, Grossman sent her on a scavenger hunt of activities as he left her wondering when and where exactly he would pop the question.

Next, Grossman sent Fuchs to her local Flywheel Sports studio in the East Village for a workout class. There, she found many of her friends. As she walked inside the studio, The Dixie Cups’ hit song “Chapel Of Love” was blasting and her friends greeted her with a custom-made tank top that said “Riel Love” and a “Bride” baseball cap.

“Where’s Gabe?” Fuchs cried as she fell on the floor in tears.

After her Flywheel class, Fuchs headed home to enjoy a special, hair, makeup and nail appointment from Glamsquad (all set up by Grossman!) and to pack, which he instructed her to do.

As Fuchs got pampered, Grossman told her to start packing, since he scheduled a car to pick her up and bring her to Gurney’s in Montauk. But to make her life a little bit easier, he sent over some surprise outfits from LoveShackFancy and Ramy Brook for Fuchs to wear.

“Fancy coming in hot with the epic surprise — love you guys. Love shack girl forever,” Fuchs wrote alongside a pic of two shopping bags filled with clothes.

She also showed off a flowing white Ramy Brook maxi dress the brand sent over for her to pack for the adventure too.

Grossman even sent over a brand-new Tumi suitcase for her to pack all her stylish outfits in.

Once Kuchs arrived in the Hamptons, Grossman told her via Instagram that she had to find three pieces of jewelry he had wrapped and hidden for her in the beach town before she could head to the next destination.

Kuchs found the first jewel — a gold pendant necklace — during dinner at Scarpetta Beach, and the second — a diamond key to hang on the necklace — once she returned to the hotel room.

Although she ultimately didn’t find the final jewel in the Hamptons, Fuch headed off to her next destination on Wednesday morning: Miami!

Fuchs’ scavenger hunt for love is still unfolding on social media, so keep up with her adventure and see when Grossman will propose by following along at @fashionambitionist Instagram account.

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