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IF you’ve ever tried to take a photograph of your Christmas tree, you’ll know how difficult it is to capture its true magic.

So how should it be done? And is there an easier way of showing off your pride and joy over the festive season? 

While many of us try to get the entire tree into shot and end up coming up short, a photo pro has revealed this is the completely wrong technique.

Instead, they’ve found a much simpler way of getting the best picture for social media – and it takes just three steps.

TikTok user Kenton Frederick, who runs the account @kentonfrederickphotos, took to the social media platform to unveil his fail safe method.

The photographer explained: “Ok, so Christmas trees can be tough to photograph.

Christmas Tips

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“Tip number one is just to get a little bit lower to change up the angle a little bit.”

The social media user then showed the difference between taking a photo at eye level, before demonstrating how much better it looks when you bend down lower and angle your camera up slightly.

Kenton continued: “Also try framing the tree to the side, rather than dead centre like you always see.”

Again, just this one tiny tweak already made a huge improvement to the photo.

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Once in position, Kenton said it was important to remember his third tip.

He said: “Although your tree is always the focal point, it’s nice to incorporate some more texture and colour into the frame as well.”

Showing what he meant, Kenton filmed himself taking a snapshot of his Christmas tree.

As well as angling it perfectly, the social media user also showed how he’d used the orange hues from his TV, plus a cute personalised stocking and winter blanket to add more depth.

Kenton’s followers were quick to use his tips when taking their own photos.

And it appears to be the gift that keeps on giving, as they all said it had helped them get a better quality picture.

One wrote: “You are the best!”

Another commented: “I use that same TV background.”

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A third said: “NGL this helped a lot, thank you!”

While a fourth added their own top tip, as they revealed: “Take your picture when the sun is setting, turn off all the lights and let the sunlight from the window come in.”

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